Clueless in Covid

Melburnians have just been told that we have two weeks to go until we have significant easing of restrictions. Essentially, we will be allowed to finally experience retail and hospitality which is a huge relief for business owners. It also means that we will be able to see our family and friends, which is a significant step for all of us. It’s disappointing that we don’t have access to these opportunities sooner as many of us were hoping. But when you’ve been in lockdown for months with seemingly no end in sight, what’s another two weeks?

I have plenty of outfits that I’m itching to wear out. But rather than waiting another couple of weeks to let them all breathe, I’m continuing to dress up at home. I dress up for virtual catch-ups, for dinner with my partner, or just because I feel like it. Non-surprisingly, it improves my mood significantly and prevents me from edging closer to that helpless mindset that results from living in an extended lockdown.

SO. Without further ado I decided to look to some of my favourite fashion films (which always spark great joy) and felt inspired to channel a Cher from Clueless get-up. How can you go past that that iconic yellow plaid ensemble? I don’t really own much plaid or yellow, but I do have a a matching black and white tweed outfit that has a hint of Clueless to it.

The entire outfit is Witchery, aside from the boots which are Tony Bianco. I had been crushing on the boots for months prior to buying them, and now gallivant around the apartment wearing them. Combat boots are always in style, but I love these ones specifically for the lace ups and sock-like appearance. They toughen up softer, feminine looks and can be worn with anything and everything. I think I’ve always had a pair of combat boots since I was 12.

I also purchased the matching tweed pants for the blazer as a more work-appropriate outfit. Both the skirt and pants work well with this white cotton shirt. A white shirt is definitely a wardrobe staple, even one as detailed as this. It’s nice and light, so will also be functional for summer with some denim shorts and the combat boots (of course).

I think I’ll try a The Devil Wears Prada inspired outfit next. Excellent fashion films are just so comforting in these times.

Thanks for stopping by! x

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