Imprinting on Prints

Leopard, Aztec, floral, Hawaiian, chain, zebra, houndstooth, waterblend, ikat, tie-die, cats…and that’s not even the end of them. Prints are dominating the catwalk and streets this season with plenty of pretty and quirky designs that I bet you never even knew existed.

Normally I am accepting of all designs, but I think Hawaiian palm trees should be kept on the beaches of Hawaii and on the shirts of eager tourists. But, you know, whatever floats your boat…

Just a few of the ones that caught my eye:

Zara medallion print blouse $57.80

 Collared shirt with a Givenchy/Versace-inspired print. 

River island animal scarf print jeans $66.30

   Print jeans have arrived with all of their awesomeness. Sometimes they can be a little too awesome and shout out ‘Hey! Look at me!’ so the trick is to keep the rest of the outfit simple and casual and let the jeans do the talking.

Freakin' fairy floss dress @ $45

 Print dresses are lovely for any casual appearance in any season.

silky printed blouse @ Urban Outfitters $57.20

    Print blouses are great with plain jeans and shorts.

Zara floral printed skirt $38.80

 I love this asymmetrical skirt because it is floral patterned, has a mixture of beautiful colours and looks as though  it would suit a flower garden in fairyland!

ASOS blazer in floral print $108

  Floral blazers make any outfit more interesting and complete. A loose fit and slight shoulder padding adds more style.

Evil Twin leopard print shorts $79.95 @ General Pants

 In my opinion, leopard print can look tacky if it’s cheap-looking or not placed together well. Plain colours such as black, white, orange and darker shades of green can work well with it. 

Lucinda wedge boot $49.95 @ Rubi Shoes
Vanessa Hudgens rocking tribal print with seemingly no pants on

 When you’re dealing with prints, keep your other clothing items simple. Prints are so unsimple and interesting, so don’t let anything else steal their thunder. Mixing prints (like a zebra print shirt matched with chain print shorts) can look too busy, whilst a leopard print top with matching pants can look a little too scary spice. Keep a balance and have fun exploring the wonderful variety!

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