Schoolgirl Meets le Weekend

Over-the-knee and knee-high socks reminded me of all-girls’ schools, old men who have a preference for shorts with high socks and St Trinians. They still remind me of those sentimental things, however, now I find that they are not limited to the realms of suggestive schoolgirls and bingo-playing oldies.

Lately these garments have been making a considerable impact as the weather grows colder as they are replacing pants, being worn over stockings, tights and leggings and are acceptable when  paired up with moderately short skirts and shorts. They assist in keeping your legs warm and are actually a lot of fun to play around with because there are so many irresistible and creative styles and patterns available. They can be worn with diversity when accompanied with heels, converse, ankle boots, over-the-knee and knee-high boots and sandals.

They may not be suitable for all occasions, but now that they are recognised for their swankiness (and there are SO MANY to choose from), they apply to casual wear, party wear, sleepwear and I-just-want-pineapples-on-my-socks kind of wear.

Excuse me whilst I purchase some cat-printed socks.

Dress: Amnesia Denim Shirt: Wish Top: Sussan Socks: ASOS Shoes: Guess Bag: Some shop in Paris

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