An 18th Century Affair

Recently I was involved in my school’s production of ‘Amadeus’, a play by Peter Shaffer based around the fictionalised lives of composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri. Set in Vienna, Austria in the 18th-19th century, the play is witty and exceptionally well-written and filled with surprisingly quirky and lovable characters.

When performance time came along, so did the fabulous costumes. With my camera at the ready, I couldn’t resist taking a few (or many) snaps of how regal and dashing everyone looked.

*The names mentioned are of the characters in the play

Emperor Joseph II & Van Sweiten
Mozart & Salieri
Count Orsini Rosenberg
Katherina Cavalieri
Devoted Citizens of Vienna (meinthemiddle)
A Venticelli
A truly nutritious meal

I think that if you were lucky enough to be alive in the late 18th century, you would’ve had a blast with the flamboyant fashion. Although it seemed stiff and formal at times, you absolutely cannot refuse a powdered wig, a breath-taking corset (that became less so in the early 19th century) and shiny shoes with a great big gold buckle. Three-quarter length sleeves with lace cuffs were also very prominent in this time for women, as well as clothing made from imported cotton and silk. Silk was very pricey but popular among the upper class and came in a variety of gorgeous colours and patterns. The lower  class to middle class people usually had only one or two outfits- one for work and another for formal events. Imagine how empty their wardrobes would’ve been (if they could afford one..). Women wore petticoats and men wore breeches. I wouldn’t mind spending a day or two in Amadeus’ time- as an upper class citizen of course. I like to have options.

A great big thank you to the wonderful costume ladies and a huge congratulations to the cast and crew!

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