A Touch of Peplum

If you’re not aware of the peplum invasion, then you probably don’t get around much.  There are peplum jackets, tops, skirts, dresses – even pants, though I’m not ready to rock those. Peplum dresses are easy enough to work, but the tops and skirts can be a little fussy. When I first purchased my top below, I found it challenging to co-ordinate it with the other clothes in my wardrobe because your bottom-half can’t be too exciting or bulky.

For the most flattering look, opt for a slim fitting skirt, pants or capri pants. Regarding a peplum skirt- a leotard, a singlet top, a crop top or basically any top that can be comfortably tucked into the skirt without visible lines and allows the skirt to give all the shape your body needs can work. Add a matching peplum jacket and you have a svelte and sexy combination 😉

Top: Ice             Skirt: Bardot            Necklace: Ku De Ta

I was so excited when I noticed a sign for $10-20 jewelry in a store because not only was the jewelry priced phenomenally in my budget, but there were some of the most unique and lovely jewelry I had seen. After a lengthy mind-debate between an assortment of items, I decided on the necklace above.

*It was very gusty that day.

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