Casual Saturdays

It is a struggle to think up anything that you can compare to a summer’s day, however Saturday is one of them. What’s better than the freedom that the weekend brings?

For yesterday’s outing I wore a dress which is traditionally a winter dress, but I wanted to mix things up a little. I coordinated it with a sleeveless collar top underneath to suit the warm weather with silver sandals and burgundy coloured socks that conveniently accompanied my satchel well. The end result was inadvertently school-girl-esque, supplemented by a finishing touch of a fabulous vintage brooch in the shape of a wide-brimmed hat. Now all I need is a blazer and I will be ready for school!

Dress– Target            

Top- Forever New

  Satchel- The Leather Satchel Co.

  Shoes- asos       

Belt- ?     Brooch- Vintage

It really does look like I’m doing the whole first-day-of-school-photos episode.

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