Grunge is Back

Those three words provoke a variation of reactions. Some believe that grunge belongs in the period of Nirvana and Pearl Jam and that’s where it should remain. Others, typically the younger generation embrace the style as modern and effortless. Personally I love it, which may be because I am venturing through my teen grunge phase at this convenient time. You would think that the designers from Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent attended festivals and walked through city streets in order to obtain inspiration for their most recent collections, as the style is reminiscent of what tends to saunters down the street these days. The fashion houses that opted for grunge this season had a distinct contrast against what other designers did, as the look is relatively casual, youthful and messy. It’s very different and suprising for high fashion brands, however I’m thrilled that it has been done. Now people may consider me as ‘high fashion’ rather than ‘angsty adolescent’.

Prim & pretty is not the look for the incoming autumn/winter, but rather dark & edgy. So I took inspiration from Givenchy to channel this new wave grunge. Patterned maxi skirts paired with baggy jumpers proved to be a key combination for the brand which I attempted to imitate with slightly less punk.

Skirt – asos

Jumper – Bettina Liano

Sandals – asos

Bag – ?

Personal note: Should load up on the eyeliner and red lipstick next time I aim to channel some grunge.

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