Flashback to the Fifties

I love skirts more than I’ve ever loved them before-maybe even more than my tutu days. I believe this is a sign of me fully embracing my feminine self, as I do enjoy looking pretty and dainty and wearing pink and lace and midi skirts and so on. The ‘girly’ look is eternally classy. So today I opted for a white mint midi skirt from Forever New, which was part of my successful christmas sale hunting.

I believe that it is absolutely gorgeous, and it made me think of Grease (look at me, I’m Sandra Dee!) because the outfit essentially portrays women’s fashion in the 50’s. It was a beautiful and flattering decade for fashion. I suppose the flash of midriff is a touch from today’s times.




Skirt- Forever New

Top- Kookai

Shoes- Lipstik

4 thoughts on “Flashback to the Fifties

  1. Love this outfit! The colours go so well together and it’s great to see you’re from Australia too – I can look for that skirt 🙂 xx

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