Summer Fun

The staple of summer seems to become more diverse and alluring every season, reflecting the major trends of the current ready-to-wear season as exemplified in adorable two-piece and one-piece ensembles. This season accentuates plunging necklines, mesh, lace ups, cut outs and high necks in a range of different colours and prints. Here are some pieces that embody what’s in this season:


Seafolly @
Blue Life
Blue Life @
Camilla & Marc
Camilla & Marc @


Somedays Lovin
Somedays Lovin  @
Blue Life
Blue Life @
Jets @

So, what trend takes your fancy this summer? Personally I am inclined to love the high neck one piece due to the flattering cut, but mostly because there is no concern about any bits and bobs jumping out. The peace of mind makes jumping in waves a lot less stressful. 😛

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