Brighton Beach, Melbourne

*An excuse to experiment with the sunset mode on my camera

I realise that I haven’t updated my blog in a while (woops!) but in the meantime I have been taking lots of photos and have been enjoying the excruciatingly brief glimpses of summer.

Talking about that extraordinarily beautifully warm season, I’ve decided that high-waisted shorts will be one of my staple items for summer. Ever considered wearing shorts somewhere but decided that they’re too casual? Well luckily for you, high-waisted shorts exist, and if you team up the dressier kind of HWS (in other words, not denim) with a fantastic blazer, you have an outfit that even Blake Lively would be proud of.

 Three Top Tips:

-The short HWS style have the effect of elongating the legs. YES.

-You can even wear a crop top with them and they still appear classy.

-Don’t attempt to be ‘indie’ and leave your shirt untucked.

Top &   Shorts   &   Bag: Forever New       Necklace: ?       Shoes: Steve Madden

Winter Winds

Trying to deal with this seemingly everlasting winter weather can be tiring. Fortunately, hunting for items that will protect you from the cold serves as a great distraction. This furry jumper was found in a dilapidated area of Savers in Frankston. So. Fluffy. Feels like you’re wearing a cat.

*New Camera. Very very excited because now I feel like a profesh photographer. Just don’t actually compare me to one.

Jumper: Savers  Skirt: Target  Tights: Voodoo  Shoes: Inniu  Jewelry: Random Boutiques  Bag: My Mother’s closet