Seeing Double

The two-piece mania has not ended yet. In fact, it has just gotten better. However I am curious as to why baring skin has become so much more fashionable these days, with the excessive amount of midriff being shown and most notably, the new trend of the ‘barely there’ dresses rocked at the Oscars after-parties. But I suppose it’s everyone’s prerogative, including my own, as clearly I’m not opposed to allowing my midriff to peek through. It brings the summer vibes, divides a same-same pattern and means I can enjoy a nice breeze around my belly.

Co-ords are as cute as kittens and even come in the form of a floral fantasy (see below) that radiates tropical-islander.

The slit in the skirt makes things a bit more interesting, enabling your shoes to proudly flaunt themselves and provides a bit of a break from viewing the same pattern all over. There isn’t much you should do to compliment a two-piece, as keeping it simple allows the outfit to do the talking. However, to put a little spice into your plain-toned outfit, experiment with some bright lipsticks. Lipstick is an accessory in itself, and adds a dash of class. Class is what we are all striving for here people, in case you hadn’t noticed.


Two piece- Luvalot

Shoes- Forever New

Laura x

The Reign of the Two Piece

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that two pieces are the ‘in’ thing. No I am not talking about swimsuits- I am talking about the cute little skirts with cute little matching crop tops.

This summer, they appear to be ‘all the rage’, with their colour-coordinated glory being showcased by celebrities such as Sarah Hyland, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Working well on the petite bodies of these lovely ladies, the two piece, or co-ord, accentuates the waist and hips to compliment even the less curvaceous figures. However if itsy bitsy midriffs are not your thing, then fret not, as co-ords look fabulous with flowy tops and shirts which can be matched with shorts, pants, mini-skirts, pencil skirts or a-line skirts. The possibilities are almost endless, and can flatter any shape.

Naturally, I had to find my very own co-ord outfit and appreciate its harmonious view for myself with a T by Bettina Liano ensemble.

Two piece: T by Bettina Liano

Shoes: Lipstik

Clutch: Miss Shop

By the way, the colour is not blue, it is white mint in fact.