I recently attended school’s senior formal-the school’s night of nights where the boys and girls from the senior years dress up pretty, dine and dance in an exquisite venue and have a generally fabulous evening.¬†After years of watching the Oscars and yearning to look as glamorous as Angelina Jolie, I seized this chance to become my own red carpet stylist. I am not going to lie, organising my outfit was serious business and thoroughly exciting. I even travelled interstate to find the dress (I was on holidays) and bought luxury brand shoes (on sale, of course) so clearly I was committed. The night rolled around sooner than expected and it was lovely. The gents looked handsome and the ladies were stunning. I really don’t mind formal events, dressing up was hands-down the best part.


Thanks to my inspiration…

Angelina Jolie at the 2009 Academy Awards
Angelina Jolie at the 2009 Academy Awards


My b-e-a-utiful best friend and I

 Dress- Rose Noir

Shoes- Guess

Bag- Kate Hill

Jewelry- Lovisa

With the Runways

On Friday night I experienced something considerably significant in any fashion bloggers life – I attended my first fashion runway show. Such a milestone, I know.

This week has been the annual Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and I was lucky enough to witness the talents of brands such as Friend of Mine, From Britten P/L, Leopold, Nobody, Limedrop, Strateas and Carlucci and White Suede.

White Suede
Snapbacks proved to be a necessary accessory as they were featured in a few collections
White Suede
The female models’ hair were two-toned and straight
White Suede

The show was surprisingly short, but I loved every second. The standouts of the evening included the snapbacks, 3/4 leggings under shorts for men, bright colours, denim vests and floral prints. Mesh tops with visible bras were very common, and although they are a stand-out trend for this season, I can’t decide whether they are hot or trashy. Moving closer to trashy. Nonetheless, it was inspiring to see such a diversity of designs in time for Spring and Summer. I don’t think I will adopt snapbacks as an accessory though.

What I wore- Dress: Asos Shoes: Classified Bag: Guess

The dress was actually red, just bad lighting.

My fashionista friend Rhiannon sporting a hot sequin jacket
I was very Inspired

Well that was fun. Can’t wait to do it again!