Ball Season

So many balls to attend and so many dresses to choose from. Being an ardent shopper means that I have a wardrobe that provides for any occasion, so naturally that includes plenty of formal wear options. But after having a sneaky shop on asos and finding ‘the dress I really must have’ (all of them tend to come under this category), I justified purchasing a new dress for the next uni ball. Because if you can’t stop thinking about it, then it must be fate- isn’t that right? Further justifications included not having the summer glow needed to pull off my variety of colourful dresses I purchased last summer, and also as this dress features long sleeves, it is an absolute must for a winter ball, obviously. Sometimes I impress myself with my creative reasons.

Not to take anything away from the dress, I wore black peep-toe Guess shoes with a matching black clutch. I love the reflective silver and pink beads- the only issue is how delicate it is! Probably have to avoid the mosh pits with this one.

For an impulsive online shop, there were no regrets. In fact, regrets are for the weak, and you ought to remember that next time you question your snap purchase.

Dress: asos 

Shoes: Guess 

Clutch: Kate Hill 

Hair and make up by Lana Fried. 

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