The Knicker Shorts

Jason Wu Spring 2012

Otherwise known as hot pants, but I prefer the sound of knicker shorts. During my online shopping travels, I have occasionally stumbled upon this trend which is a cross between underwear and high-waisted shorts. They resemble undies more in my opinion, however they are acceptable to wear out in public. Around summertime, everywhere I look I witness girls wearing short shorts (as do I), but knicker shorts take things one step further as they are butt-hugging and are (astoundingly) shorter than your average short shorts. There is something that yells out ‘I’m easy’ when I see a pair of these little party animals, because I cannot override the image of butt-cheeks hanging out that accompanies the look of the pants. Actually I don’t believe that they should be classified as pants, yet they are becoming more popular to wear during the day and night.

Celebrities such as Rihanna and Jessie J are liking the look and I think that if you’ve got the body for it, go for it. I also think that there is a time and place for these knicker shorts, and I believe that they belong in the costume party/dressing as Lady Gaga category. Personally, I have knickers that are similarly sized as your average knicker shorts so there is no way that I would feel comfortable with walking out of the house in something that barely covers my behind. But everyone is entitled to their own views.   

On asos I managed to find a whole range of these little beasts on sale so of course I was super excited. If you’re a fan, get on it.

Asos knicker shorts in pink sequins


Rare crochet lace

Can double as underwear.

Topshop Knicker shorts

If you are not committed to the bareness of it all, wearing them with tights or stockings could be a good alternative.

Asos with peplum

Two fantastical trends in one.

Asos knicker shorts playsuit

And as a playsuit.