Away and Away

Okay yes it has been a while. But no one can blame me for taking a couple weeks off from blogging whilst holidaying in Queensland with a serious lack of wi-fi and motivation to get off the beach, hm? Furthermore, holiday mode impacted my ability to actually care about what I wore, so without further ado I picked off pretty outfits  and opted to cruise around in basic swimsuits and shorts for the majority of the trip. And damn did it feel great to let go of your appearance and walk around with chlorine-soaked hair and a pair of shabby thongs.

It didn’t last impressively long to the point that a dread started forming, as eventually the more dignified part of me gave me a nudge and reminded me that a person should still make an effort and with the way I was going I wasn’t going to impress any of those cute surfers. Which was fair enough because I didn’t touch my hairbrush for a while. I have slowly noticed that people these days  in the Gold Coast really make an effort to look hot compared to when it used to be the bathers and thongs look, which put pressure on me as I only achieved to look hot with a red-as-a-tomato sunburn. But then again the shopping is so superb that it is easy to afford to look good, and truth be told I do a large portion of clothes shopping up there. So I finally made the grueling decision to let go of my freedom and embrace looking decent on holiday. I think a surfer even looked at me after that.

The dress that I’m wearing below wasn’t in fact from the Gold Coast but I bought it in Melbourne *shock* at full price. I saw it and loved it, and everyone knows that you cannot be deterred from love at first sight, which applies to clothing. I even reminded myself that I already have a white maxi dress, but then I reminded myself that *pfft* it’s completely different. I don’t know if it’s the subconscious ‘wedding dress’ appeal to it, but I am attracted to white maxi dresses. It was great to wear in the heat and humidity as the fabric is so light.

white dress 2

Dress: Peace Angel from Tree of Life                 Bag: Forever New

Wishing you a belated happy new year!