The Beginning of a Beginning

Anna Wintour once said, “You either know fashion or you don’t”.

Coco Chanel said, ‘Fashion fades, only style remains”.

And John Lennon said, ‘All you need is love’.

I quote three incredibly influential people, each who contributed to society in one way or another. They had to start from somewhere, so here I am at the beginning of this blog, hoping to make some difference. Whether it be distinguishing the difference between a playsuit and a jumpsuit, advising you not to wear shorts when your bottom is visible or stating when tracksuit pants are appropriate (Never. A part from at home or sporting purposes), hopefully you will learn something you didn’t know yesterday. And in case you were wondering, ugg boots in public are never acceptable.

One thought on “The Beginning of a Beginning

  1. “La Mode obeit a deux reflexes: reaction ou confirmation”
    Fashion follows two reflexes: reaction or confirmation- Christian Dior.

    All the best for your blog!! Love it

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