Tradition becoming the new: Almost like a pattern

I obtained this gorgeous (but heavy) traditional skirt from Mai Chau. As soon as I saw it I fell in love and refused to leave without buying it. The shopkeepers were quite happy to sell it as well.

Recently I travelled over to Viet nam for 3 weeks on an epic adventure where I experienced the culture to the max, went on some serious sightseeing journeys and even lived in a small, remote village in the mountains for a few days. The days were filled with non-stop activity and fun, but of course I left some time for a spot of shopping.

All over Viet nam, especially in a northern village called Mai Chau, i came across various clothing and accessories with traditional hand-woven colourful patterns. I purchased a lovely tote bag and skirt for what i like to think were bargain prices. When I arrived back home I was very surprised to see these patterns, that are also found in other areas of Asia, feaured in magazines worn by models and fashion gurus as well as generally on the streets. Maybe I should’ve stocked up when I had the chance…

Some Vietnam, Some Not
Viviana Volpicella
Nice Bracelets Viviana...
...They look like mine
My lovely bag from Viet Nam
The doll I was given from my older sister when she travelled over to Viet Nam. She is wearing traditional womens garments. Loving the headpiece.

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