Double Denim: Not so drastic?

For the past few decades, the Double Denim Debate (DDD) has caused an outbreak of strong opinions. It has been judged, criticised, battered and bruised but still manages to enter the catwalks. Perhaps it has gained such a negative reputation due to the 2001 disaster produced by Britney and Justin, but this maybe-fashion-fad isn’t completely a miss. With the assistance of professionals such as Rihanna and Alexa Chung, the double-denim look can actually look respectable – am not joking. Since being one of the highlights of the S/S ’10 season, it continues to pop up everywhere – even Kanye has had a crack at it.

Alexa Chung chanelling double denim
Alexa Chung 2010
Rihanna 2012
Kanye 2011

So can it really be accomplished, or should it just be left to the professionals? In most successful cases of double denim, there are two tones of blue with contrasting material. People usually opt with a light blue, thin shirt than dark/navy blue skinny jeans. Nude-coloured shoes and a simple bag completes the look.

Reese Witherspoon 2011

The trick is to be casual and cool, and keep it simple without over-doing it.

Not the way to do it. Britney and Justin taking double-denim to a whole new level

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