Embroidered delight

Remember back in the late 90s and early 2000’s when embroidered jeans and basically anything else containing embroidery were practically the coolest things ever? Well, that trend is still as stylish as ever – just check out Dolce and Gabbana’s recent collections. Embroidery takes me back to the childhood days of femininity and frivolity, and being able to wear a pink hat with green and yellow embroidered flowers just because I could.  

Embroidered jackets most definitely hold the same groovy status, so I’ve taken to wearing both of my embroidered pieces together.  

You see, you may think it’s just a classic leather jacket but there is actually a party going on in the back.

Jacket- Muubaa

Jeans- Nobody

Boots- Vanessa

Bag- Zara

Top- Cotton On

They look better than prints and not to mention they are fun to touch. I guess there is just something novel about artfully embroidered clothing.

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May Days

When it comes to May, you know that the year has made progress. For me, May is the in-between month that is prolonging the wait to the busy mid-year stuff that always seem to occur annually. In Melbourne, it represents a quick window of opportunity when wearing jackets isn’t such a necessity, so I try to maximise this occasion.

This year I am once again pulling out the over-the-knee socks, because to put it bluntly I love them to death. My online shopping carts are full of them in all different colours and patterns, and if only my budget allowed it I would purchase them all. They are kind of useless to wear during the especially cold days, however for May days like these they are perfect with shorts or a skirt.

Shirt- Wish

Shorts- Forever New

Bag- Forever New

Shoes- Betts

Belt- Cotton On

Socks- asos

Oh, and I realise that the last time I blogged was too long ago. When my busy schedule allows it, I will try and update it as soon as I can!

Ain’t No Sunshine

It was unreasonably cold today which was why I had to reason with myself to wear stockings. But I find this almost exciting, because the days are steadily becoming cooler and greyer which means that winter is near (!) and personally, I believe that there is no greater season. Yes, I am one of those ridiculous people who actually welcome the cold, because I find that layering up, inhaling the scent of fire wood and sipping scalding hot chocolate to escape the chill utterly thrills me.

Here I opted for my velvet blazer to shield me from the cool elements, although it didn’t do much in regards to the rain.

Blazer- Zara

Shirt- Sussan

Shorts- Just Add Sugar

Shoes- Inui

Bag- Vintage

Stockings- ?

Denim Days

Jeans are eternal, but anything else denim has it’s moments. Fortunately for the lovers of the rugged blue material , 2013 is allowing for a denim domination in any form or size. This season’s runways have produced denim jackets, dresses, vests, shirts, pants…oh and despite an army of people’s desperate call for the extinction of this look, double denim is still on the cards. I can already hear the yelps of excitement. Just look up ‘Zac Efron double denim’ and he’ll show you how he (seldom) managed it in the past up until now.

I channeled my denim look through an acid-washed dress that looks like it came straight out of the 80’s. Talking about the 80’s, has anyone been watching the Carrie Diaries? She has fabulous style. Back to the topic, I rarely wore this dress out casually because I originally determined that it wasn’t specifically suited for informal outings, but then I discovered how useful a belt, cardie and hat really was. And that’s a fashion note right there- basic accessories can completely alter a look. You’d be surprised with how much you can downplay or elevate a dress or outfit with only a few extra touches.

Dress- Refuge

Jacket- Alive Girl, a find from a fashion store at the South Melbourne Market, Melbourne

Shoes- Inui                Bag- Vintage              Hat- ?                 Belt-?


Melbourne weather truly baffles me, which is ridiculous because I am well aware that it is the temperamental one in the relationship. One week it is constantly at high temperatures, and then suddenly it drops below 20 and I am reaching for jeans and a jacket. Um what.

The jacket I reached for was one of mum’s oldies. The other day she was shuffling through her wardrobe and flung numerous items of unwanted clothing onto the floor then boldly announced that they were for the taking. Accustomed to my mothers frequent wardrobe rampages and the treasures and trash that are likely to be discovered, I investigated. Amongst the heap of outdated and untouchable clothing lay a decent crème jacket that I immediately snatched. Fortunately I was able to wear it earlier than I anticipated due to the stupid weather.  I matched it with a bodice style top, accompanied by high-waisted jeans and clog sandals.

Jacket- Vintage            Bodice- Minkpink             Jeans- Wakee denim             Shoes- Sportsgirl               Bag– ?

Those jeans and the jacket probably won’t be making an appearance outside my closet for a while- the weatherman says it’s back to beach weather!

Pure Jeaniality

Jeans are in my top most important items in my wardrobe. What’s not to love about these lovely denim specimens. They’re easy to wear, perfect to slip on for most occasions and are always in. The variety of jeans available continue to grow, and this season wanders away from the usual blues and enters a fun-zone with dramatic prints, bolds and brights and some of the darker tones. There are so many jeans around that it really is not necessary to purchase them over $100 because I assure you that there will be a place offering similar great quality jeans for $40 less. It’s true, I got a pair of awesome high-waisted skinny jeans for $35 in this little boutique store.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Here are some top season styles and designs under $100.

ASOS Chain Print High Waist Boyfriend Jeans $64.88
Cheap Monday high waist skinny jeans $79.48
ASOS washed camel skinny jeans $56.77
Hudson super skinny jeans Forever New $79.99
'Mindy' hip hugger straight jeans $89.99 @ Jeanswest
River Island rose & chain print jeans $64.88
Warehouse snake print jeans $72.99
Twisted Boyfriend Jeans $59.99 @ Just Jeans
Riders by Lee low skinny washed berry jeans $99.95
ASOS enamel blue coated coloured skinny jeans $64.88

Remember that colours and prints are huge this season and the prominent styles include: skinny (great because they suit all body shapes and make your legs look longer), boyfriend (comfortable and ideal for all body types), high-waisted (also give the illusion of longer legs), straight leg and even flares are making a (unwanted) comeback. Jeans are meant for regular use so make sure you buy a pair that you can breathe and sit down in!

Bought these jeans from Topshop recently for $74

Double Denim: Not so drastic?

For the past few decades, the Double Denim Debate (DDD) has caused an outbreak of strong opinions. It has been judged, criticised, battered and bruised but still manages to enter the catwalks. Perhaps it has gained such a negative reputation due to the 2001 disaster produced by Britney and Justin, but this maybe-fashion-fad isn’t completely a miss. With the assistance of professionals such as Rihanna and Alexa Chung, the double-denim look can actually look respectable – am not joking. Since being one of the highlights of the S/S ’10 season, it continues to pop up everywhere – even Kanye has had a crack at it.

Alexa Chung chanelling double denim styleguidecapetown.blogspot.com.au
Alexa Chung 2010 amandasphotogarden.blogspot.com.au
Rihanna 2012 uk.omg.yahoo.com
Kanye 2011 be-fancy.com

So can it really be accomplished, or should it just be left to the professionals? In most successful cases of double denim, there are two tones of blue with contrasting material. People usually opt with a light blue, thin shirt than dark/navy blue skinny jeans. Nude-coloured shoes and a simple bag completes the look.

Reese Witherspoon 2011 fashionison.com

The trick is to be casual and cool, and keep it simple without over-doing it.

Not the way to do it. Britney and Justin taking double-denim to a whole new level