Pure Jeaniality

Jeans are in my top most important items in my wardrobe. What’s not to love about these lovely denim specimens. They’re easy to wear, perfect to slip on for most occasions and are always in. The variety of jeans available continue to grow, and this season wanders away from the usual blues and enters a fun-zone with dramatic prints, bolds and brights and some of the darker tones. There are so many jeans around that it really is not necessary to purchase them over $100 because I assure you that there will be a place offering similar great quality jeans for $40 less. It’s true, I got a pair of awesome high-waisted skinny jeans for $35 in this little boutique store.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Here are some top season styles and designs under $100.

ASOS Chain Print High Waist Boyfriend Jeans $64.88
Cheap Monday high waist skinny jeans $79.48
ASOS washed camel skinny jeans $56.77
Hudson super skinny jeans Forever New $79.99
'Mindy' hip hugger straight jeans $89.99 @ Jeanswest
River Island rose & chain print jeans $64.88
Warehouse snake print jeans $72.99
Twisted Boyfriend Jeans $59.99 @ Just Jeans
Riders by Lee low skinny washed berry jeans $99.95
ASOS enamel blue coated coloured skinny jeans $64.88

Remember that colours and prints are huge this season and the prominent styles include: skinny (great because they suit all body shapes and make your legs look longer), boyfriend (comfortable and ideal for all body types), high-waisted (also give the illusion of longer legs), straight leg and even flares are making a (unwanted) comeback. Jeans are meant for regular use so make sure you buy a pair that you can breathe and sit down in!

Bought these jeans from Topshop recently for $74

3 thoughts on “Pure Jeaniality

  1. laura i am so jealous at how good and professional this is
    if you are not a professional fashion something when you are older then many, many things are wrong with the word! haha ❤
    love lana

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