Fashion Musings: If I was a Rich Girl…

I would buy that, that and this.

But the great thing about fashion is that you don’t need to spend a heap of money to look amazing. Money may buy you clothes, but it doesn’t buy style. I always shop with the same philosophy in mind: Try to avoid paying full price when it’s possible, because eventually most things will end up on the SALE rack. Inevitably, there are some things that need to be bought immediately without a second thought. But the thing about buying clothes that are stylish yet affordable is that you need to be smart about it. Here’s some tips:

– Explore then compare. If it’s a really popular item for the season, then theres sure to be others around that will be less expensive.

– Op shopping. Although it takes skill, what you will find can be pretty valuable.

Online shopping. Online retail stores are booming due to their unique variety, affordable prices and more are introducing free shipping to your location. Only bummer is that you can’t try anything on.

Take advantage of mid and end of season sales. Sale racks can hold some pleasing stuff.

Don’t forget about your old clothes. Things that you used to wear years ago can surprisingly come back in fashion. Remember those fluorescent orange flared jeans you used to wear that are sheepishly sitting in the back of your wardrobe? Yeh forget about them. But don’t forget about that cropped mid-wash denim jacket you kept from the 90’s. Also, update old clothing by making a few alterations. Look in fashion magazines and stores to gain some inspiration.

Accessorise with stockings, socks, scarves, gloves, statement jewellery, hats, sunnies and bags. The little things can make an outfit look completely different and can often carry little price tags, and you don’t even need to buy a new skirt and top.

Buy quality basic clothing that you can easily incorporate into different outfits, wear often and won’t be out of fashion next season. A white collared shirt or a LBD for example are great because you can do so much with them with the handy assistance of other clothing and accessories.

Do your reasearch, do patiently wait for that gorgeous knitted cardigan to go down 20% and do use your creativity to the best of your ability!

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