Melbourne weather truly baffles me, which is ridiculous because I am well aware that it is the temperamental one in the relationship. One week it is constantly at high temperatures, and then suddenly it drops below 20 and I am reaching for jeans and a jacket. Um what.

The jacket I reached for was one of mum’s oldies. The other day she was shuffling through her wardrobe and flung numerous items of unwanted clothing onto the floor then boldly announced that they were for the taking. Accustomed to my mothers frequent wardrobe rampages and the treasures and trash that are likely to be discovered, I investigated. Amongst the heap of outdated and untouchable clothing lay a decent crème jacket that I immediately snatched. Fortunately I was able to wear it earlier than I anticipated due to the stupid weather.  I matched it with a bodice style top, accompanied by high-waisted jeans and clog sandals.

Jacket- Vintage            Bodice- Minkpink             Jeans- Wakee denim             Shoes- Sportsgirl               Bag– ?

Those jeans and the jacket probably won’t be making an appearance outside my closet for a while- the weatherman says it’s back to beach weather!

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