Want Some Mustard with That?

Honestly, I have been surprised with the colours of clothing I have seen in shop windows recently. Standing next to the traditional darker and rich tones for winter are brights, neons, and pastels. I very much enjoy wearing lively colours to brighten up a grey day, however pastels remind me of dressing gowns and fluro pink reminds me of Barbie. So I’m not exactly a fan of those tones, but I don’t completely disregard them. The colours can look great, but personally I will continue to wear pastel only as my dressing gown.

I also have dabbled in a bit of mustard, although I prefer sweet chilli sauce (too funny). Mustard yellow can be a tricky colour to match with, only because I think it already looks great on a hot-dog (hehe), but also because there are colours that can clash horribly with it, like fluro yellow.

Colours that work well:

– Dark and bright reds

– Dark purple

– Navy Blue*

– Chocolate Brown

– Olive green

– Grey

*Refrain from placing black into the mix as well, as for the majority of the time it just won’t work.


 Jacket: Brought back from my mother’s China trip

Jeans: Wakee Denim      Shirt: My father’s old one

 Shoes: Rubi   Bag: Guess   Jewellery: ?

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