This Old Pair of Jeans

I have had these jeans since I was 13. I remember purchasing them clearly from Just Jeans, because moments later I lost my beloved Guess wallet and I was in tears for the remainder of the day. Losing a wallet sucks, but at least I had spent the $100 of cash I had in there for these jeans, and $100 for a mere 13 year old was A LOT of money. But the passing years have demonstrated how you can’t beat investing in good quality pieces that will last you forever, and fortunately I didn’t do any growing since I bought these jeans.

My wardrobe is literally an accumulation of pieces I have collected for the last 10 years. Early on, my mum instilled in me the need to purchase timeless and quality pieces that I could use for years to come. Not only has this taught me how to be an economical and sustainable shopper, but it has led me to appreciate my wardrobe and force me to use plenty of creativity. Styles are always repeating themselves, which makes it easy to use some of my older clothes and accessories (who knew cummerbunds were back in fashion?!). Certain items can always be updated by pairing them with newer styles, so I’m almost never exasperatedly heading to the shops to buy a new outfit for an occasion. Whatever I need can be found in my wardrobe – and that’s a challenge I never get sick of! That’s not to say that I don’t shop around, and I’m not going to pretend that my wardrobe isn’t overflowing. It definitely is and I probably need a wardrobe the size of the one Big made for Carrie in order to store all my stuff. But hardly anything in my wardrobe becomes obsolete unless it’s of terrible quality – and I made the decision a long time ago to try and avoid shopping at cheap fast fashion brands.

Only time will tell the of the true investment value of good-quality pieces, but you can definitely be assured that it will show as the seasons pass. I’ve paired these jeans with a classic trench coat from Witchery and some Prada lace-ups that I found at the designer outlets in Florence for an absolute steal. Already heavily discounted, there was an additional 20% and the shoes ended up being substantially cheaper than some non-designer leather sandals that I purchased a month later. How satisfying are designer bargains?? It would be nice to come across them more often.

Jeans: Just Jeans

Trench: Witchery

Jumper: Country Road

Shoes: Prada

Bag: Decjuba 

Sunglasses: Chloe 

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Want Some Mustard with That?

Honestly, I have been surprised with the colours of clothing I have seen in shop windows recently. Standing next to the traditional darker and rich tones for winter are brights, neons, and pastels. I very much enjoy wearing lively colours to brighten up a grey day, however pastels remind me of dressing gowns and fluro pink reminds me of Barbie. So I’m not exactly a fan of those tones, but I don’t completely disregard them. The colours can look great, but personally I will continue to wear pastel only as my dressing gown.

I also have dabbled in a bit of mustard, although I prefer sweet chilli sauce (too funny). Mustard yellow can be a tricky colour to match with, only because I think it already looks great on a hot-dog (hehe), but also because there are colours that can clash horribly with it, like fluro yellow.

Colours that work well:

– Dark and bright reds

– Dark purple

– Navy Blue*

– Chocolate Brown

– Olive green

– Grey

*Refrain from placing black into the mix as well, as for the majority of the time it just won’t work.


 Jacket: Brought back from my mother’s China trip

Jeans: Wakee Denim      Shirt: My father’s old one

 Shoes: Rubi   Bag: Guess   Jewellery: ?