Baby It’s Cold Outside…

My perception of cold may be a little different to what other people are experiencing outside of Australia, and I understand that 20°c doesn’t call for snow or is even considered slightly chilly, but it was unseasonably cool today. So maybe it’s not actually cold outside and it was a slight exaggeration and maybe I wore shorts when going out today – BUT I did wear a jumper. In summer in Melbourne. It really is nearing the end of the world.

This jumper is similar to a poncho with the fact that it’s virtually impossible to be unhappy while wearing it. No really, ask anyone who’s worn a poncho and they will recite the illuminating experience to you. I quite like the word illuminating. Anyway, my mum discovered this jumper in a marketplace in Hong Kong, and as soon as she brought it back I had claimed it as my own. It’s colourful, furry and not unlike the sensation of wearing a ragdoll cat on your body I’d imagine.

It probably wasn’t even cold enough to wear it, I just really wanted to wear my happy jumper.

jumper 1

jumper 2

jumper 3

I opted for a cute vintage brooch on my hat. Recently I’ve been really into brooch collecting, I have quite a collection forming.

jumper 4

jumper 5

Jumper: Some marketplace in Hong Kong             Shorts: Minkpink

Shoes: Sportsgirl              Bag: Vintage              Hat: ?

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