Just Can’t Get Enough

I must confess that I have found a new obsession. It comes in the form of pretty coloured lipsticks, and I can no longer leave the house without a perky pink, blood orange or devilish red painted on my lips. It really has become a thing that is not only appreciated by me, as I can confirm that lipstick experimentation is most definitely on the rise as supported by my meticulous observations. I even saw somebody sporting moss green lipstick a few weeks back, but can’t say that it was all that impressive.

Now that I have discovered my newfound need to apply lipstick whenever an opportunity arises, I have also been exposed to the downsides of this cosmetic product, i.e. attempting to eat a burger while avoiding smudges and the whole lipstick-on-the-teeth scenario. In addition to those problematic obstacles, I am just starting to get used to using lip liner which is a necessary component of the process if you want to keep your lipstick all nice and contained. I swear one side of my lips is differently shaped to the other, therefore I struggle with this. As for the lipstick on the teeth, a decent trick is after you have applied your pretty stick to your lips, pop your finger in your mouth and then take it out, which hopefully removes the areas of your lipstick that could potentially colour your front teeth red. Just to avoid any further potential embarrassment, I lick my teeth before I smile or talk to someone. As for the hamburger hindrance, Mum made me aware of how ladies wearing lipstick should not be engaging in burger eating anyway. Hmm.

In these photos I am wearing Revlon ColorStay Wine lip liner, and No. 006 Revlon ‘Really Red’ lipstick.

Top – Forever New

Pants – Forever New

Shoes – Lipstick

Bag – ?




One thought on “Just Can’t Get Enough

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