Hats aren’t Just for Bad Hair Days

I found a $6 hat in a shop the other day. I’m not typically a hat person because honestly I feel like they just don’t suit me, but the reduced price tag and the maroon colour was screaming out at me. This was the beginning of my fascination with hats-not so much on how they suit me-but other people’s magical abilities to pull them off. Nina Dobrev wears them religiously and looks fantastic. And with the amount of people rocking the wide-brimmed felt hats for winter it has become clear to me that hats are no longer confined to being worn for protection against the sun and for covering up a case of forgot-to-wash-my-hair-oops. I was inspired to wear it for non-beach and non-chaotic hair purposes on a day out. I actually enjoyed it, and I even felt lighter on my toes despite the extra head-weight which does not make sense. Unfortunately it meant that if I took it off when I was indoors I’d have to deal with some seriously static hair. Needless to say I rarely removed it from my head.

I must add that I am tremendously excited that it is now winter. Somehow the cold and grey skies make me want to get creative. And blog more. Which is something that I have neglected because education has been a large obstacle for time. Learning is great but it hasn’t left me much time to blog, or even get out of the house to be overly honest. Until next time, hopefully I’ll acquire more inexpensive and fun hats to play with!

Leotard- Forever New

Skirt- Forever New

Denim jacket- Op shop

Bag- Vintage

Shoes- Lipstik

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