I see London, I see France

One of the most exciting things arrived in my mailbox the other day: they were stockings decorated with the silhouette of the Paris skyline. I can literally walk around with the sights of Paris daintily resting above my knee. How cool is that. So while adventuring around the city of Melbourne I flaunted the skyline of Paris, much to the bemused looks of wandering Melbournians. Honestly, these stockings caught the gaze of so many people that I almost started feeling self-conscious.

Asos had a sale on socks and stockings not that long ago which was when I came across these stockings, as well as many others with cute patterns just above the knee to give the appearance of over-the-knee socks. Only these keep your thighs warm too and they won’t fall down.


 Stockings – ASOS

Jumper- Minkpink

Skirt- Op shop

Shoes – Lipstick

Satchel- the Leather Satchel Co.

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