Sprinkle of Silver

I adore silver bags and silver shoes so much so that I can’t resist buying them whenever I spot them in-store or online, which has become a dangerous obsession for my bank account. I recently impulsively bought a silver metallic faux leather jacket from Zara when I noticed it from the shop window and of course I have no self-restraint despite the ‘NO MORE SHOPPING’ rule I had imposed on myself just hours earlier. BUT it has been the only silver leather jacket I have probably ever seen thus far so I didn’t need to justify it further.

And just before that, I had splashed out on a pair of silver leather mules from Topshop that are as comfortable as they are pretty. Mules have been re-introduced into the trends department thanks to fashion’s new affinity with comfort, as they emulate slippers but are acceptable to wear in public. Furthermore they are not very high, which my poor crippled hips are thankful for. Comfort aside, they are silver, which is possibly the most fundamental factor.

The next issue is, with my abundance of silver clothes, shoes and accessories, how do I coordinate them? One must not simply wear a silver bag with silver shoes and a silver jacket, no matter how much one would like to. I would potentially become a public hazard and blind people.


So within this outfit I encapsulated the perfect amount of silver metallic, consisting of my jacket and mules.

Working that Kimmy K pose

Aaaaand one with my kitten Sebastian, because he matches.

But then again, too much silver is never really enough.

Jacket: Zara

Dress: Bardot

Shoes: Topshop

Cat: Rescue centre, yay!

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Grungy Ballerina

I think I have discovered what my life-long love will be: Shoes. I had convinced myself that my love would always be dresses, but then I took a second look at my shoe collection and recent receipts of purchases and it was undeniable. I am a shoe-a-holic, essentially a Carrie Bradshaw, minus the expensive taste (for now).

A recent purchase included these ankle-strapped pointed flats from Witchery. Ankle-strapped flats were popular in fall/winter ’17 collections as shown by Valentino, Isabel Marant, and Vivienne Westwood, taking the sweetness out of the generic ballet flat and pumping it with a splash of grunge. I went with the black pair because when it comes to shoes, I can always match them with anything in my mostly-black-wardrobe.






Until the sun comes along, I think I’ll stick to my black and grey.

Dress: Bardot

Jumper: H&M

Bag: Nine West

Shoes: Witchery

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Accessory of the Season: Crutches

Get excited ladies and gentlemen, the must-have trend of the season has arrived at your nearest department store and is here to stay: the crutches. Not only are they a complete necessity for some and have a certain aesthetic appeal that you cannot deny, but they also come in the exclusive colour of silver.

This winter, compliment your crutches with grey/silver tones and silver jewellery as exemplified by my new scarf from Witchery and marvellous patent silver loafers from Aldo. Ensure that your outfit revolves around your statement-making crutches and don’t be afraid to wear them with anything and everything.

Like me, you may not have any choice in the matter; but it doesn’t stop you from being as fabulous as possible.





Shoes: Aldo

Skirt: Witchery

Scarf: Witchery

Top: Cotton On 

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Scarf-day Friday

It seems as though fashion chokers are here to stay for a while longer, but I found something fancier to wear with my off-the-shoulder tops: a summer scarf. There always needs to be something worn around the neck with a top that exposes this amount of décolletage, and a summer scarf is perfect if you are not too fond of chokers or chunky jewellery. This lovely scarf was given to me by a group of friends a few years ago as a birthday present, and I have not really been capable of wearing summer scarves to my liking until recently. Little summer scarves have been a sneaky trend this autumn, usually added to an outfit to provide some colour and flair to avoid falling into the trap of wearing monotonous tones as the weather becomes colder. And doesn’t it make the day brighter! It also keeps my neck warm too.




These culottes are my favourite kind of pants, fundamentally because they are so remarkably comfortable. Since I haven’t been able to wear any jeans due to a soon-to-be-fixed hip condition, I have mainly been living in my culottes or loose-fitting dresses. Fortunately, it’s not hard to be stylish and comfortable these days!



Scarf: Patricia Paris

Top: Asos

Pants: Luvalot

Shoes: Lipstik

Bag: Pratten

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Tulle is Cool

I was the quintessential wannabe princess in my early years when I would don my princess dresses, tulle skirts and tiaras whilst dancing to the dreamy tunes of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Never mind whether I was playing in my bedroom or walking up to the coffee shop with mum; a full skirt with the corresponding jewellery, bags, wands and glittering tiaras would always be in order. And apparently you can never take the princess out of the girl (minus the magic wand and tiara) as full tulle skirts and fabulous accessories are exactly what I want to be wearing nowadays too.

The tulle skirt has made a comeback since Autumn 2015 on the streets with fabulous results. The femininity of the skirt can be contrasted with leather to create a tough-girl look, matched with wool and knits to cater for winter, and worn with denim to downplay the formality of tulle to offer a day-appropriate outfit. No longer should it be aligned with tiaras and sparkling bodices, because the opportunities for versatility don’t solely resign it for wear at a royal ball. The tulle skirt, as of recently, has been unleashed.

I found a relatively inexpensive one at a chain store and thought ‘why not?’ It resurrected so many childhood memories. On a day out in the city I wore it with a simple black and white stripped sleeveless top, a vintage leather choker and a contemporary clutch bag my sister bought for me on her travels in Europe. Oh, and a new haircut I recently coerced myself into having.








With my newly-short hair, princess skirt and continued love for Disney musical scores, it almost feels like I haven’t grown up. But I suppose my previous career plans to become a princess and marry Aladdin have changed dramatically.

Skirt: Ice

Top: Witchery

Shoes: Forever New

Bag: Atmosphere

Sunglasses: Chloe

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Skirts & Stuff

Impulse buys are the best. About six months ago when I was in New York, I was shuffling through the racks and H&M and came across this skirt for an unbeatable $10. With bargains like that, you can’t think twice. I especially love the fitted waist and the flare at the hips, presenting a straight-then-curved silhouette which provides hip shape.




Top: Kookai 

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Lipstik 

Necklace: Lovisa 

Bag: ?

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70’s Flare

I imagined that flared sleeves would take a while to get used to, because for me, they are associated with daggy 70’s discos that I am sure my father would have attended back in his heyday. But I saw this Abercrombie and Fitch dress and I was converted, because who does not eventually roll around to the idea of daggy dancing in a beautifully bohemian-patterned short dress with voluminous sleeves?

I matched the dress with hexagonal Chloé sunglasses, an engraved bag my sister bought me from her Europe trip, and some clogs to keep the boho-chic vibes going.



Look at them magnificently flutter in the wind.


Dress: Abercrombie and Fitch

Shoes: Rubi 

Sunglasses: Chloé 

Bag: ?

Jacket: Zara (See previous post Retro-suede)

SO will you be parading flared sleeves this season?

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I see London, I see France

One of the most exciting things arrived in my mailbox the other day: they were stockings decorated with the silhouette of the Paris skyline. I can literally walk around with the sights of Paris daintily resting above my knee. How cool is that. So while adventuring around the city of Melbourne I flaunted the skyline of Paris, much to the bemused looks of wandering Melbournians. Honestly, these stockings caught the gaze of so many people that I almost started feeling self-conscious.

Asos had a sale on socks and stockings not that long ago which was when I came across these stockings, as well as many others with cute patterns just above the knee to give the appearance of over-the-knee socks. Only these keep your thighs warm too and they won’t fall down.


 Stockings – ASOS

Jumper- Minkpink

Skirt- Op shop

Shoes – Lipstick

Satchel- the Leather Satchel Co.

September the 1st

Melbourne City on the edge of the Yarra river

Spring has arrived! Not that I’m excited. Unfortunately, the temperature didn’t suddenly rise drastically and there wasn’t a striking abundance of warmth and sunshine that spread throughout my frost-filled body, however it was a gorgeous and cloudless day in Melbourne with a hint of chill.

To celebrate, I opted for bright colours with colourful prints to help get into the Spring fever that I’ve been hungrily anticipating.

There’s just something about wearing apples on your dress. I think that’s what they are.

Dress: Caroline Morgan  Blazer: Dotti  Bag: Vintage  Shoes: Inui

An emotional pale lady with great taste in hair

A great start to a super season.