Scarf-day Friday

It seems as though fashion chokers are here to stay for a while longer, but I found something fancier to wear with my off-the-shoulder tops: a summer scarf. There always needs to be something worn around the neck with a top that exposes this amount of décolletage, and a summer scarf is perfect if you are not too fond of chokers or chunky jewellery. This lovely scarf was given to me by a group of friends a few years ago as a birthday present, and I have not really been capable of wearing summer scarves to my liking until recently. Little summer scarves have been a sneaky trend this autumn, usually added to an outfit to provide some colour and flair to avoid falling into the trap of wearing monotonous tones as the weather becomes colder. And doesn’t it make the day brighter! It also keeps my neck warm too.




These culottes are my favourite kind of pants, fundamentally because they are so remarkably comfortable. Since I haven’t been able to wear any jeans due to a soon-to-be-fixed hip condition, I have mainly been living in my culottes or loose-fitting dresses. Fortunately, it’s not hard to be stylish and comfortable these days!



Scarf: Patricia Paris

Top: Asos

Pants: Luvalot

Shoes: Lipstik

Bag: Pratten

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One thought on “Scarf-day Friday

  1. LOVE the scarf! I’ve been thinking about wearing one lately but I need to get my hands on one first 🙂 Gorgeous look though!

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