Sprinkle of Silver

I adore silver bags and silver shoes so much so that I can’t resist buying them whenever I spot them in-store or online, which has become a dangerous obsession for my bank account. I recently impulsively bought a silver metallic faux leather jacket from Zara when I noticed it from the shop window and of course I have no self-restraint despite the ‘NO MORE SHOPPING’ rule I had imposed on myself just hours earlier. BUT it has been the only silver leather jacket I have probably ever seen thus far so I didn’t need to justify it further.

And just before that, I had splashed out on a pair of silver leather mules from Topshop that are as comfortable as they are pretty. Mules have been re-introduced into the trends department thanks to fashion’s new affinity with comfort, as they emulate slippers but are acceptable to wear in public. Furthermore they are not very high, which my poor crippled hips are thankful for. Comfort aside, they are silver, which is possibly the most fundamental factor.

The next issue is, with my abundance of silver clothes, shoes and accessories, how do I coordinate them? One must not simply wear a silver bag with silver shoes and a silver jacket, no matter how much one would like to. I would potentially become a public hazard and blind people.


So within this outfit I encapsulated the perfect amount of silver metallic, consisting of my jacket and mules.

Working that Kimmy K pose

Aaaaand one with my kitten Sebastian, because he matches.

But then again, too much silver is never really enough.

Jacket: Zara

Dress: Bardot

Shoes: Topshop

Cat: Rescue centre, yay!

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