Stylish Backpacker

This year I decided to do away with tote bags for university, and instead placed the pressure of 8kg books on my shoulders with a new backpack. Although totes are pretty, I discovered after a three hour-long marathon of a search that backpacks can be just as pretty and provide further convenience.

Asos Backpack
Asos Backpack

I purchased this Men’s backpack on Asos which is covered in a black snakeskin pattern and basically can fit in everything, including my record player. Most importantly, it can carry all those bothersome law books that cost approximately as much as a new woollen coat.

I took my new backpack out on an adventure and wore my prized gilet dress from Witchery which I doubled as a long vest on this occasion. I paired it with Mum’s old burnt orange pencil skirt to deliver a pop of colour, and balanced it out with a nude singlet top to place the emphasis on the colour of the skirt and the gilet dress. Mum’s wardrobe has honestly given me more than my favourite shops could ever offer me. Thanks Mum for saving me a whole lot of money!





Gilet dress: Witchery

Top: Target

Skirt: Vintage

Shoes: Witchery

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