Sparkles Galore

Last night I attended a university ball and it was a brilliant night filled with plenty of food, drinks and good tunes. Personally I believe that the preparation period prior to the festivities is just as fun as the actual event, and this year I knew that I wanted to inject some sparkles into my outfit. I received more than I bargained for with a fully sequinned black dress by Club L, featuring a high thigh split dramatic enough to rival Angelina’s 2012 famous Oscar’s gown.





A red lipstick with matching red nails is my typical go-to when wearing a black dress, especially one as exciting as this.

Dress: Club L 

Shoes: Nude

Clutch: Mollini 

The high neck trend has been popping up numerous times this year on the red carpet. It was most recently the feature of an outfit covered in black sequins as worn by Lizzy Caplan at the MTV awards, and was fiercely paraded in a skin-tight jumpsuit worn by Taylor Swift at this year’s iHeart Music Awards.

Lizzy Caplan -
Lizzy Caplan –
Taylor Swift at the iHeart Music Awards 2016

…And it seems as though a short and loose cut is a fundamental accessory when sporting the high neck trend. Looks like I’m in!

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