Viktor & Rolf in Melbourne

It’s not enough to refer to Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren’s creations as simply fashion. Rather, they undoubtedly produce stunning works of art, and their couture collections often blur the lines between wearable fashion and art. This differentiates the Dutch designers from other prominent fashion houses, as the pieces from their  bold collections would not be seen on the typical celebrity at the red carpet.

Every collection has a unique theme that may reflect current events and is completely embodied by the unsubtle designs which never fail to intrigue an audience. For Viktor & Rolf, a jacket is not just a jacket and a dress is not just a dress; they are individual creations of art and nothing less.

I had the pleasure of viewing many of their creations at the Viktor & Rolf exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. It was an insightful display of their work which successfully brings attention to their exciting artistry.




These Dutch designers are proof that fashion can be an art form.

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