Summer Post-Surgery Style

At the end of January, I embarked on my second (and last) surgery for my hip. It was basically a year ago since I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, and although it has been exhausting, painful and mentally draining, it has never stopped me from looking my best. Although on the surface it’s a simple and superficial thing to consider when dealing with a medical condition as debilitating as hip dysplasia, but fashion has remarkably helped me to cope. It has challenged me to be creative, to make the most of every occasion outside my house, and most notably, to look forward to the future. I suppose in an odd way it has given me a purpose. Nonetheless, it has to be said that I am undeniably fortunate in the respect that I can anticipate a full recovery with time, and I try not to take that for granted. The incredible help from my family and friends alongside my exploration through comfortable fashion has helped me get through the difficulties and to remain positive, because ultimately there is nothing more important than good health.

So, how does one dress with style after a sizeable hip surgery? Jeans and pencil skirts are a definite no-no. The same goes for most of my shorts, any light fabric dresses where the bandages will show through, and essentially anything that it difficult to manoeuvre in or rubs against the hips. So there goes most of my summer wardrobe. I have been living in brightly coloured genie pants and nighties, but they’re not really appropriate for out-of-the-house wear. So leaving the house is always a challenge, but it’s always good fun. Summer fashion with crutches tends to be easier as bulky coats and jackets combined with crutches is not exactly comfortable. However when it comes to travelling in a wheelchair (enabling me to do those shopping trips I so crave), clothes are much easier to co-ordinate. Short skirts or dresses should be avoided.

Today on a summer-y lunch outing, I settled on my mint Forever New A-line skirt and a comfortable singlet top from Witchery. A pastel pink bag and earrings were important additions, as were my super exciting silver loafers that no longer give me blisters. My hips were very happy, especially as I was wheeled around everywhere.





Briefcase-style bags are so hot right now. They add a touch of vintage style, and can fit most necessities. I could even fit a couple pairs of sparkly socks I had bought.

Skirt: Forever New

Top: Witchery

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Forever New

Earrings: Lovisa

Thanks for visiting my blog! I will elaborate on comfortable fashion in more posts soon to come. In the meantime, please check out my Instagram @ilikeyourshirt_blog.  x

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