The Corset is Back

There is something seductive about a corset. Waists become smaller, hips become larger and bosoms become more pronounced. It has been a symbol of feminine beauty since at least 2000 B.C, when the earliest corset worn as an outer-garment was found to have originated from. And it has continued to evolve throughout the centuries, constantly being an icon of style while simultaneously causing slight to extreme discomfort until the end of the Edwardian era in the early 20th century. Perhaps the corset going out of style is a metaphor for the emancipation of women. But now that women in developed countries are mostly permitted to wear what they want, we want the corset back. Well, with a modern spin that is not lingerie-related.

The corset belt is a must-have accessory for every outfit – not just for old fashioned costume parties. Throw it on a dress, skirt, or shirt for instant shape, and just because it’s something different.

Corset belts can be big or small and come in all different shapes and colours. One that I find particularly gorgeous is from Witchery’s autumn range:

For my outfit below, I haven’t exactly put a modern spin on things. I have gone for the gothic-saloon girl look complete with a tulle skirt and lace leotard from White Closet, adding the corset belt separately. I love the loose levels of the skirt and how it’s sheer from the mid-thigh down, lightening up the all-black outfit.

Corset belt: ?

Skirt: White Closet

Leotard: White Closet

Earrings: Mimco

I have seen corset belts pop up everywhere in stores and online, so it’s time you tried it! I promise you won’t pass out or suffer from a broken rib. x

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