Colour Me Blue

Black clothing is simply too reliable and convenient. I can guarantee that my most-worn articles of clothing are black simply because they go with everything and don’t require too much thought. And although I always emphasise the need for a splash of colour in my blog posts, my laziness often prevents me from practicing what I preach. But not on this occasion.

When I found this gorgeous aqua clutch from Mimco with a hefty percentage off, my mum barked at me to buy it. I only hesitated because of the unusual colour, but it presented a fun challenge to construct an outfit around it. Perhaps more unusual than the colour is the fact that I find building outfits to be a delightful and earnest activity, but anyway we all have our hobbies.

With the clutch being the centrepiece, I chose a black off-the-shoulder Witchery dress made from neoprene (essentially wet suit material) and silver Nine West kitten heels so my recovering hips could be safe. Kitten heels are so underrated; not only because they are far more comfortable to do anything in than standard heels, but also because they still look elegant and give you some added height. Considering at this stage I had only just thrown away my crutches with glee, they were perfect.

I wore Mimco drop earrings with hints of blue to make up for the bare neck and to continue the blue theme in the outfit.

Dress: Witchery

Bag: Mimco

Shoes: Nine West

Earrings: Mimco

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