Miss Matching

If you look at the street style from the recent fashion shows, there is definitely a common theme: wear whatever you please. Colours clash, patterns are mismatched, and anything that you wouldn’t believe goes together is thrown into the same outfit. It’s a fun and visually appealing chaos if done correctly. And more often than not, these fashionistas that are photographed at Paris, New York or Milan fashion week look like they’re wearing phenomenal works of art. But usually I feel content with the comfort of an outfit that matches from head to toe. Those outfits just make sense for me.

On the weekend I opted for a baby pink, white and black colour scheme. I haven’t delved into much pink since primary school. I read an article recently where the writer claimed that pink is the colour for little girls and has no place in the adult world. That seemed a slightly hypocritical in light of the fact that her contention was to try and raise her daughter without gendered stereotypes. It was also very dramatic and arrogant to declare a colour as pathetic after the age of 10 years old. Nevertheless, I have not been deterred from wearing the colour, but maybe I’ll withhold from wearing hot pink for the time being.

I wore a vintage white cropped shirt which I found at a market, striped high-waisted pants and black and white mules from Topshop. The outfit was perfectly swung together by a Guess bag that incorporated all the colours of the outfit and handy $5 drop earrings from Lovisa.

I adore these shoes. They are comfortable, pretty and can be worn with practically everything. When Topshop had a sale sometime last year, I bought them for about a third of the original price. Purchases like that feel pretty good.

Top: Vintage

Pants: Topshop

Shoes: Topshop

Bag: Guess

Earrings: Lovisa 

So don’t be put off by colour-coordinated outfits, and under no circumstances should you be deterred from wearing pink.

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