A Summer English Wedding (featuring actual sun)

The day finally arrived! I travelled to England to attend the wedding of my partner’s sister in a majestic country house in Cheshire just over a week ago. The sun was beaming, the birds were chirping, and I truly felt like I was enjoying a typical Australian summer’s day. But alas, we were in England, and the weather gods blessed the occasion with plenty of glorious sun. We enjoyed the sights of Arley Hall and the surrounding gardens  (which is Thomas Shelby’s home in Peaky Blinders, for all the peaky fans out there) with some lovely food, drinks and great company.

To prepare for attending my very first British wedding, I knew I needed a new outfit. I despaired over the fact that most of my dresses would be just too formal for this sort of wedding, and any other appropriate options were either black, white or worn to death. So, in order to continue to abide by my pledge to not buy any clothes in 2019 (which, let’s just say, is not getting easier) I was fortunate enough to be gifted this Alice McCall dress for my birthday. It’s still probably cheating, but what the heck – this was THE dress. It exemplifies ‘summer garden wedding’ to the very last metallic flower AND features puffy sleeves. And we know that puffy sleeves are 2019’s most inflated trend (ha) and should eternally be in the best-trends books alongside sequinned dresses.

Now, onto the accessories. I had watched plenty of Bridget Jones and studied most of the recent royal weddings, and knew for sure that headware is a fundamental thing for British weddings. I found this metal headband adorned with pearls in David Jones to pick up on the dress’s metallic print. I matched the headband with a silver Novo clutch, and wore my black Mimco heels that feature blue jewels in the silver block heels. You could say I looked fairly low-key with bejewelled heels, a leaf crown and Snow White-worthy puffy sleeves.

(This is Dan, who was also a groomsman)

Dress: Alice McCall

Shoes: Mimco

Bag: Novo

Crown: Kitte

It really was a stunning wedding, with full-use of the venue’s beauty, a few cute surprises here and there, and plenty of romance scattered through-out the day. The bride and groom are definitely off to a wonderful start to their married lives.

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I Can Hear the Bells

There’s really nothing like a wedding to get you thinking about your own one. Last weekend I had the honour of attending my beautiful cousin’s wedding to her lovely partner. The ceremony took place at the stunning botanical gardens in Melbourne with a picturesque backdrop and an accommodating, clear blue sky. Despite the day’s high temperature (and the drops of sweat making their way down my spine), all of the guests were in awe of the radiating couple who were so obviously in love that I almost acquired a headache, though that might have been just the overexposure of sunlight. As I was listening to the couple’s words that were soaked with such mushiness that it can only be tolerated at a wedding, I began thinking about how I would plan my own wedding if I ever decided to get married. And then the relentless aching in my feet made me wonder if wearing high heels had any other significant purpose other than to appear more attractive to the opposite sex and debated if the positives could override the searing pain and discomfort. By the third hour I was highly doubtful.

A view of where the ceremony was conducted.
Snaps for the happy couple!
How stunning did my cousin look?

The ceremony concluded and we went to the reception a few hours later. The reception was held at the scenic Sandringham Yacht Club which offered a fantastic view of the sunset and a particularly elegant function room. Three delicious courses and several mushy words later, we discovered the location of a fun-filled photo booth and spent the rest of the night dancing and having a fabulous time.

The dress I wore is based on a design that I loved for ages, so I decided to get it made in Vietnam when I was there over a year ago. Considering it is a relatively formal dress, I hadn’t found an opportunity to wear it until this occasion. Needless to say I was extremely excited to wear it, although it was sweltering hot at times.

Dress- Made in Vietnam             Shoes- Guess                Bag- Vintage          Earrings-           Necklace- Swarovski

My gorgeous sisters and I at Sandy Yacht Club.

It was one of the loveliest weddings I have experienced, and I wish the happy couple all the best!