And the Last Leg of the Trip

Aaaaaand back to L.A! Honestly we planned our trip to commence and end in L.A because it takes the least amount of flying time for us Australians. Surprisingly after only two weeks of originally being there, the temperature had soared and there was even sunshine. Unlike how it was when we started in Santa Monica, it was warm enough to go to the beach and even walk around at night without a cardigan! Essentially that works out to more tanning time for me!

On my birthday I did what any reasonable fashion blogger would do in my position: I took a walk down Rodeo Drive. I was blissfully in awe at the fact that I could recognise the designer collections while I gleefully window-shopped, and even bravely walked into a few despite my lack of a Prada bag. I would like to be able to fondly reminisce about the exceptionally well put-together outfit I was wearing on the day, but I can only say that I sported a $10 dress and Nikes while I pranced down the elite street. It seems despicable, but my blistered feet could only handle Nikes after all the walking I had put them through in sandals.

Oh Vera…make me a dress one day pretty please
It’s small, but the famous Hollywood sign is definitely there. To my left. Just look more closely.

We stayed in West Hollywood in a place just around the corner from Sunset Boulevard, and it was awesome to see all of the rainbow flags out in full force! Naturally we partook in all of the typical LA touristy things that a tourist must do, including an extremely brief glance down Hollywood Boulevard, a sneaky look at the homes of the rich and famous, a tour around the city, a looksies at Venice Beach and once again Santa Monica. A spot of shopping at The Grove was also on the agenda.

Canals at Venice Beach

And another picturesque shot of the Santa Monica Pier where there’s actually a clear blue sky (this shot was the purpose of my entire trip)

There was just so much to do and so little time, but it was surreal to experience these parts of America when I had grown up watching them on television. There were so many good memories, laughs, and burgers that were eaten, so really it was a trip of a lifetime. I will be back (when I am, erm, at a legal wine-sipping age) to hopefully experience different parts of the US. Until next time!

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Vegas Views

Next stop: Las Vegas!

As a non-gambler I predicted that Vegas would probably not be one of my preferred locations in ‘Murica. I thought that I had learnt everything I needed to know from The Hangover and even then I wouldn’t be able to replicate a fraction of the fun (stupidity) they experienced, as I’m not even at a legal drinking age. Darn Vegas.

Surprisingly, I had an absolute blast. One of the highlights of the trip was going hotel-hopping. It is an understatement to say that the hotels I have seen/stayed in do not measure up to Vegas standards. Vegas was a fantasy land and each hotel was like being transported to another country. With a giant casino area within each of those mini nations where people are accompanied by mini pooches. I found it astonishing to see little children walking through the casino in their bathers and floaties in order to get to the pool while they are surrounded by downcast adults continuously pressing the buttons on the pretty machines. It really is a surreal city to be in.

The Bellagio Fountain Show
Inside The Venetian Hotel
All the stunning artwork was first painted on canvases and then plastered on the ceiling
All the stunning artwork was first painted on canvases and then plastered on the ceiling
Seen inside the Wynn Hotel
Seen inside the Wynn Hotel

Note: I did not stay in every one of these hotels-I merely wandered about in each of them. There were countless occasions when I just wanted to sit down and take it all in with a drink, but alas, I am merely an infant in this perplexing city.


Exuberant flower arrangements decorated every inch of that hotel. It was one of my favourites.

Honestly I would not under any circumstances desire to reside there for an extended period of time. It is a pretty ridiculous place. BUT I did have a brilliant time and would probably/most definitely drag my friends here for a hectic and outrageous party week.

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New York, New York

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

I can’t possibly explain how excited I was to experience New York for myself, rather than looking with admiration through a TV screen. As a capital city of fashion and entertainment I was certain that it would be remarkable, and it truly exceeded my expectations.

We resided on Times Square which was relatively overwhelming to begin with. The sheer amount of people and the blazing lights were unlike anything I’ve witnessed before. In fact, it probably took me a couple of days to not be overwhelmed by Times Square. It also made me want to go to literally every show that was plastered against the walls in bright lights. 

Naturally we decided to take a tour in order to experience what we could in a short frame of time. Unfortunately we decided on a not-so-crash-hot tour bus company, which we didn’t realise until later in our first day when it took 45 minutes for the bus to come as opposed to the predicted 10 minutes. It really went downhill from there, so if anyone wants to know which tourist tour to most definitely avoid, then I am the gal. However, we did see some fantastic and worthy sites such as the imposing Statue of Liberty, the haunting former site of the Twin Tours, the Empire State and Central Park. We even took a fun bike ride around the place, which was a highlight of the trip despite my lack of brakes. On the topic of dangerous things, riding in a taxi in New York city was more often than not terrifying. 

Empire State Building
Memorial site of the Twin Towers
Memorial site of the Twin Towers
One World Trade Center
One World Trade Center
Bike riding in Central Park
Bike riding in Central Park

Next best thing was undoubtedly attending a broadway show. In the four days we were in New York we managed to see two outstanding performances. In Melbourne we have fantastic musicals and shows of high quality, but when in New York, one must experience the novelty and professionalism of a broadway show. We saw Chicago and Jersey Boys which were absolutely phenomenal. 

Other highlights included shopping down Fifth Avenue, viewing the city on foot and visiting the Museum of Natural history. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to go shopping in the Soho District, and basically we had little time to shop at all. It would have been tragic but we were already seeing so much and travelling to so many places that shopping became secondary. Of course, we missed out on seeing a lot but it really is impossible to do New York in a meagre four days. 

View of Manhattan from Brooklyn
View of Manhattan from Brooklyn

So I guess I will just have to come back one day soon! It made such an impression on me that I would have been content with spending the rest of my American trip there, although with less of the tourist’s agenda as I can imagine that there would be worlds more to that amazing city. 

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Sights in Santa Monica

santa monica pier
Santa Monica Pier

First stop: Santa Monica! Honestly we only planned to go here first because we wanted to relax for a couple of days to recuperate from our tiresome journey from Australia. Being a stranger to the States, most of my expectations were built from what I had witnessed in American television- which we have a lot of by the way. I was particularly eager to see the Santa Monica Pier and to experience a 4th of July in America because I was sure that would signify plenty of celebrations. And it really did-until 6 in the morning actually, when I finally fell asleep.

Traditional Mexican Dancers on a street

Despite the impressive 4th July shenanigans I enjoyed, my preferred experience in Santa Monica was walking down the main street at night at an outdoor mall area. I was lured in by the shop signs stating brands I had only seen online, and found myself continually stopping to admire the beautiful street performers. Not to mention the wonderful smells coming from the restaurants. Everyone was so friendly to us, and I don’t know whether it was because we were so conspicuously foreign and never appeared as though we had our bearings. The atmosphere was buzzing and the environment was incredibly pleasant- and so clean! Unfortunately it wasn’t as warm as we anticipated it would be, as we found it a tad cool for beach weather, but we established that there are more interesting sites to experience rather than just the Santa Monica Beach.

Two days was not nearly enough, and I wasn’t able to spend enough time taking photos of all the pretty sights because I had left my camera’s memory card at home (not clever, I finally found one at Target). I was able to however get over the jet lag and build up my strength for New York, but I will elaborate in the next blog post. I wish we had more time in Santa Monica, but I’m happy to have personally experienced for the short duration it as it had an extremely unique and cool atmosphere.

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Santa Monica Pier by night

I’m Off To ‘merica!

I am excited to share with you that I am leaving for America tomorrow! I am travelling to LA, New York and Vegas for both business and leisure purposes and am absolutely bursting with joy over being able to experience this country for the first time. I will arrive in LA for the 4th July celebrations which I am hoping will include lots and lots of pretty fireworks, and naturally I am looking forward to personally witnessing American fashion and street style. Oh, and the shopping should be fun too.

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