The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas: the time of bent budgets and broken bank accounts. But despite the fact that my wallet is never ready for christmas, I am ALWAYS eager to crack open the decorations boxes and listen to some good ol’ Bublé. It’s just an incredibly joyful time of the year, and some Bublé and Jamie Oliver turkey multiply the xmas greatness.

And, oh, the food. Presents do not even compare to the joy which the Christmas feast brings. Not even the promise of bargains from the incoming Boxing Day sales can waver my attention from the food that I am fortunate enough to consume on Christmas. God, I am a lucky gal.

Since it’s a family day and we’re all a little bit classy, we love to dress a little bit special. I even honoured the occasion with a floral wreath on my head, ’cause Christmas.

Sister sister

Christmas tree artfully styled by your very own author/Christmas connoisseur.

Kimono: Sportsgirl

Shorts: Lumiere 

Shoes: Aldo


Merry Christmas!