And the Ban Shall be Lifted

It is New Year’s Eve and the next decade is literally hours away! Naturally I’ve been contemplating how on earth 12 months has passed so quickly and what I’ve achieved in 2019, which I always think falls slightly short of my goals. But I recognise that I did the best I could, and I leave 2019 feeling exhausted but pleased. After all, I succeeded in what I planned to do in the beginning of 2019 (may have fallen short by a week, whoops) and reached December 26 without needing to shop for my wardrobe. On the outset it’s a superficial endeavour that for some would be laughable, but as simple as it is, I completed my goal and my carbon footprint has hopefully decreased as a result.


No, just joking. I really don’t need anything, except for maybe a couple of things here and there. But other than that, the minimal shopping thing really needs to continue into the next decade. My attitude towards consumerism has evolved enough to prevent me from going on a massive shopping expedition anytime in the future, as I have enough stuff in my wardrobe to dress myself (and all my female relatives) for a long time. BUT I must confess that I took a trip to the Boxing Day sales for a bit of an adventure. It’s a bit of a joke that someone who practiced a shopping ban attends the Boxing Day sales for fun, but my sister insisted. I bought some new runners, activewear, and a beautiful dress from Sheike. I didn’t get trampled on and nothing was snatched from my arms. It was actually significantly less frightening than I anticipated.

On Christmas, I wore a Witchery dress – of course, as Witchery clothes for uniform were the only clothes I could buy this year- Mimco earrings, and white mules from Zara that I got for Christmas. I can’t go past a teal dress and some matching bejewelled earrings. Everyone in my family dresses up for these occasions, and we had a lovely, food-filled afternoon with plenty of laughs. We are so lucky. Plus, we got a peek of the Melbourne summer.

My main girls

Dress: Witchery

Shoes: Zara 

Earrings: Mimco

Tonight I’m co-hosting a 1920’s themed New Year’s Eve party where I’m wearing a dress of my mum’s from 15 years ago. I’ll be donning a black bob wig, and hopefully I can round up some jewellery from the dress up box to fit with the theme. I wish I had time to watch some Great Gadsby for inspiration, but scrolling through Pinterest will have to suffice. I’ll be posting photos hopefully tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Thanks for following my adventures in 2019, and I hope you have a safe and happy New Year! x

What 2015 Wore

With 2015 coming to a close, there is no better time to reflect on the fashion heights and falls of the year that Marty McFly was meant to travel to.

Trends of the Year

The ‘Barely There’ Dress

Less is more clearly with this trend, which saw daring celebrities such as Kim K, Beyonce and Rihanna demonstrate how some transparent material and Swarovski sparklers can make a feminine and overtly sexy ensemble. Others raised their eyebrows over the dauntless fashion choice, with acclaimed designer Caroline Herrera describing the trend as ‘attention seeking’ and criticising modern fashion for being ‘counter-productive’. Although harsh, I do believe that some merit lies in her argument: how can something be described as fashion if nothing is being worn?

BeFunky Collage 2

Sky-high slits

We then proceed to the next (bare) trend, being thigh high, or in some cases, hip high slits. Slits in in the middle of skirts and dresses dominated the spring 2015 catwalks, whereas hip high slits dominated the red carpets this year with many celebrities opting to displace their underwear and putting on display their cheeky area for the occasion. Gigi Hadid was most notably a fan of the trend to the point that I have created a collage of her leg-exposed glory. When you have pins like that, I say go for it. Just remember to put your knickers on.

Off-the-shoulder tops

There is just something about bare skin that has become a fashion trend in itself this year. Off-the-shoulder tops are feminine and versatile, in addition to having the advantage of being worn in both summer and winter. Long sleeve, short sleeve and hippie sleeve off-the-shoulder tops permeated celebrities’ Instagram accounts and also manifested themselves as dresses.

BeFunky Collage 3


Why pay for a top and matching pants when you can wear a jumpsuit instead? Not only do they tend to offer the comfort factor, but they also appear remarkably flattering and cut a sleek silhouette when cinched in at the waist. This year saw many fashion-conscious individuals ‘jump’ on the bandwagon and don all-in-ones in a variety of styles and colours. Jumpsuits truly are the only uniforms women need to get some serious s**t done.

BeFunky Collage4

Fashion event of the year- Balmain x H&M

 Sold out in a single hour after opening all of the world, the Balmain x H&M collection was one of the most anticipated collaborations of the year with queues forming outside of the flagship H&M stores days before the opening. With Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn leading the campaign, the collection that was overseen by Balmain head designer Olivier Rousteing acquired a massive following and proved to be wildly successful. Naturally I was one of those crazy people who eagerly lined up hours beforehand, just ’cause.


Model of the year – Gigi Hadid

You could tussle up between Gigi and Kendall for model of the year, but in my view it was undeniably Gigi. Not only did she dominate the catwalks in 2015 by walking for Balmain, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger and Giambattista Valli, but the blonde beauty also managed to achieve the much-coveted position of walking in the Victoria’s Secret show. She led highly acclaimed campaigns for Max Mara, Topshop and Tom Ford, and successfully took down body-haters with her parade of achievements.

Getty images
Getty images
So there we go, an end of another year of documenting fashion’s finest and stalking Victoria’s Secret models’ Instagrams. In fashion there will always be faux pas and trends that will be looked on in 10 years time as disconcerting and ever so slightly humiliating, however it’s always plenty of fun. From the naked dress to pyjama-inspired jumpsuits, there is no end to the versatility of fashion and the ability to demonstrate your personal creativity through the way you dress yourself. Just always remember to wear underwear.

I wish everyone a safe and happy new year and a fabulous 2016! x

Let the Sunshine In

Thanks to the influx of sales at this time of the year, everyone can afford to look great this Christmas. Everyone raves about the Boxing Day sales but honestly, you can grab just as amazing bargains from November onwards because retailers are incessant to sell, sell, sell during the holidays. Keep your eyes peeled for some sale signs!

The corset & culottes ensemble I am sporting were both sales purchases (as indicative of my entire wardrobe) and both are versatile for the warm Australian weather. The culottes are made from a light fabric in contrast to my black ones, and hence are comfortable and easy to wear during the summer. Normally I automatically reject strapless tops because they are such a pain when they continuously slide down, but this top manages to stay up and can be matched with jeans and maxi or mini skirts. I am anticipating that the white will emphasise my future tan (hehe), and it can be worn for casual or dressy occasions depending on the bottoms and accessories.

Top: Bardot

Culottes: The Fifth

Necklace: Lovisa

Watch: Armani Exchange

Lipstick: Kiko

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas: the time of bent budgets and broken bank accounts. But despite the fact that my wallet is never ready for christmas, I am ALWAYS eager to crack open the decorations boxes and listen to some good ol’ Bublé. It’s just an incredibly joyful time of the year, and some Bublé and Jamie Oliver turkey multiply the xmas greatness.

And, oh, the food. Presents do not even compare to the joy which the Christmas feast brings. Not even the promise of bargains from the incoming Boxing Day sales can waver my attention from the food that I am fortunate enough to consume on Christmas. God, I am a lucky gal.

Since it’s a family day and we’re all a little bit classy, we love to dress a little bit special. I even honoured the occasion with a floral wreath on my head, ’cause Christmas.

Sister sister

Christmas tree artfully styled by your very own author/Christmas connoisseur.

Kimono: Sportsgirl

Shorts: Lumiere 

Shoes: Aldo


Merry Christmas!

Christmas in the Country

Occasionally I dream of a white Christmas and wish for eggnog and a warm fire like from what I’ve seen in my favourite American Christmas movies (I’ll be home for Christmas, anyone?). It must be magical to wake up Christmas morning to a blanket of snow and to cut the turkey while viewing falling snow through a window, however I don’t hope that all my Christmases are white. There’s something very unique about an Australian Christmas that steers away from the stereotypes while maintaining a strong sense of tradition. There may be heat and dry weather and plenty of flies, but there’s BBQ’s, beer and sunshine. it’s an incredibly special time of year that indubitably beats my birthday. There is always plenty of music, an exaggerated amount of decorations and of course food and presents, which really indicates how lucky I am to be able to celebrate the festive season in such an exuberant fashion.

This year, Christmas was celebrated with family at my aunty’s place in the country. Food was plentiful, the views were stunning and fortunately it was a glorious summer’s day. Aaaaand I took advantage of the sweet location to take some snaps.

There were horses there too but they ran off in the distance

Dress – Dotti

Shoes – Rubi shoes

Bag – Vintage

Sunnies- asos

It’s amazing how much anticipation and excitement there is over one day that goes so quickly. I believe that it’s completely worth it though.

At Melbourne Central

Until next year !

I’m Dreaming of a Warm Christmas…

I am a self-confessed christmas junkie. I positively adore decorating the tree, putting up the lights, singing along with Bing Crosby to cheesy carols, making and bingeing on delicious food, completely over-adorning the house with ornaments, the summer weather, giving and *especially* receiving presents….the whole lot.

So naturally I am aware that there are only THREE days till the big day, and I am super excited.

The other day I travelled to the city to indulge in the yearly christmas festivities in Melbourne. Decorations were draped above the busy streets, buskers were belting out xmas tunes and the city was bustling with people eager to finish their shopping. The spirit of christmas was in full force, and I was like a kid on red cordial feeding off from the high of it.

A Decorated Arcade

As per tradition, I have been indulging in christmas cooking and began with making white christmas whilst coincidentally listening to the song White Christmas. I love americanised christmas carols, and although they don’t necessarily coincide with what an aussie christmas is like, they always describe the (for the lack of a less corny word) ‘magic’ of christmas. So here in Australia we don’t have snow at this time, don’t drink eggnog and don’t put snowmen on our roofs, but it’s still special and christmasy in a slightly different way. It’s usually celebrated outdoors in the sun, and of course involves a turkey! Mmm turkey…

Switching to a less christmas-orientated topic, for the outing I wore an old skirt of my mum’s. Occasionally I feature vintage clothes from my mum in this blog, simply because her wardrobe was so great and this is another item that I wanted to showcase. I love the vibrant colour and the beading action.

Skirt: Charlie Brown               Top: Forever New             Shoes: Inui             Bag: Vintage             Sunglasses: asos

Have a very merry christmas!

Summer of ’12

Aaaaaand summer has officially begun. Which means that Christmas is near (18 days precisely) and the new year soon begins, which means that I’m a very happy camper. In my opinion this is undoubtedly the most exciting part of the year, especially when the hot summer days roll in and call for long summer nights. Beach and a BBQ anyone?

For a Friday night outing and considering the lovely warm temperature, I opted me some bare legs and a tinge of bright colour. Fortunately, lots of colour for summer will never change. It’s just making that transition from endless winter days and coats to  warm temperatures and vibrancy that’s proving to not be easy. Meh I’ll get used to it.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Top: Farenheit                    Skirt: Bardot                Bag: ?                 Shoes: Steve Madden                 Belt: Ladakh