Christmas in the Country

Occasionally I dream of a white Christmas and wish for eggnog and a warm fire like from what I’ve seen in my favourite American Christmas movies (I’ll be home for Christmas, anyone?). It must be magical to wake up Christmas morning to a blanket of snow and to cut the turkey while viewing falling snow through a window, however I don’t hope that all my Christmases are white. There’s something very unique about an Australian Christmas that steers away from the stereotypes while maintaining a strong sense of tradition. There may be heat and dry weather and plenty of flies, but there’s BBQ’s, beer and sunshine. it’s an incredibly special time of year that indubitably beats my birthday. There is always plenty of music, an exaggerated amount of decorations and of course food and presents, which really indicates how lucky I am to be able to celebrate the festive season in such an exuberant fashion.

This year, Christmas was celebrated with family at my aunty’s place in the country. Food was plentiful, the views were stunning and fortunately it was a glorious summer’s day. Aaaaand I took advantage of the sweet location to take some snaps.

There were horses there too but they ran off in the distance

Dress – Dotti

Shoes – Rubi shoes

Bag – Vintage

Sunnies- asos

It’s amazing how much anticipation and excitement there is over one day that goes so quickly. I believe that it’s completely worth it though.

At Melbourne Central

Until next year !

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