A Time to be Proud

It’s been too long, I am well aware. Part of it has been because I’ve been away on holidays, and a small part of it is because I’ve been too lazy. Nonetheless, there is no excuse. Except for the fact that I’m embarking on my final year in school which has resulted in my favourite hobby being pushed down on my list of priorities. It’s going to be difficult to continue with my blog, but it might serve as a means of escape so we’ll see!

Australia day is a very special day for those inhabiting this beautiful country. For me, it’s a good excuse to celebrate how privileged I am by spending time with family and friends and donning those Australian flag printed bikinis that can only be taken out of the wardrobe once a year. I went to Docklands in the city which was surrounded by a lot of activity. There were stalls selling those infamous cork hats that were calling to me until I settled on an Australian flag bucket hat instead. Ironically, I went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. It was a lovely day.

I decided against wearing the green and gold colour scheme because there’s no way I could rock it. I opted for turquoise and crème which is kind of similar. I love high-waisted shorts and I love embellished tops, and in particular this top, but it is so ridiculously fragile  that a couple of beads fell off on my second occasion of wearing it -_-

Top – Forever New

Shorts – Forever New

Shoes – Rubi shoes

At Docklands, Melbourne

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