Hips & Skirts

I know I keep saying this, but there really is no better time in fashion to have a hip injury. For the last 14 months, I have been living in loose dresses, skirts, and my comfy sneakers which are thankfully having a huge moment. They do wonders for my mobility and I don’t look tacky, which is more important than you think in consideration of that fact that clothes are a necessity for everyday life.

A typical outfit I’ll slip into usually comprises of a t-shirt, straight skirt and sneakers. The aptly named ‘straight skirt’ is similar to the pencil skirt in the regard that it is lightly fitted around the waist and hips, but it falls straight downward and doesn’t restrict your knees. Even if it did, I currently take tiny strides so it doesn’t really matter. The style feels light against my hips, and I like to wear them with sneakers to supply a casual look as the below-the-knee length of the skirt can look conservative. Plus, sneakers are fun and don’t hurt my toes.

Another bonus with today’s fashion is how my crutches match perfectly with the silver obsession. If everyone was obsessed with gold then it just wouldn’t work and I would be forced to forfeit my membership in the fashion world. But alas, my silver and grey crutches are basically another accessory which marries my outfit together (clearly it’s the small things that get me through the day).

I always tuck my t-shirt or top into my skirt to create a svelte silhouette, or crop tops that aren’t abnormally cropped work fine to display the full skirt. Despite having unhealthy hips, I don’t feel a need to hide them.

Skirt: Sportsgirl

Top: Bardot

Bag: French Connection

Shoes: Witchery

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