I’m Still Lounging

In Melbourne we are almost halfway through Stage 4 lockdown and it’s starting to feel like this is the norm. Only the insta pics of influencers holidaying in Italy and Greece bring me back to reality. Even watching footy games and seeing people in the stadium cheering on their teams makes me remember that not everyone in Australia is in the same boat. Curfews and once-daily exercise allowances are only prescribed in Melbourne.

It’s nice to know that the other states don’t have to go through these arduous restrictions and shows us what freedoms we can enjoy when we eventually return to normal. We’re hopeful about the future, but naturally it’s still sad and incredibly frustrating. This is the situation we’re in and we have to deal with it as best as we can. We’ll get through it.

On the other hand, never-ending lockdown means that the loungewear is still getting constant wear. I bought a matching charcoal grey set from Witchery and it’s incredibly cosy for winter. People rushed into store to purchase the set when there were rumours of a second lockdown. They were smart, because its usability is unparalleled. It wears extremely well with minimal pilling and is beautifully soft thanks to the inclusion of cashmere. The drop crotch in the pants also facilitates some successful lounging, which is important when you’re doing a fair amount of sitting around.

This set is casual, but still nice enough to duck out to the supermarket with some white sneakers. The jumper and pants can easily be worn individually but obviously it’s a lot more fun to wear them together. So far I’ve been rotating between my loungewear, knit dresses, and occasionally the mum jeans with a toasty jumper. It’s still fairly cold in Melbourne at the moment, so warm and comfortable clothing is key. Flicking through instagram has made me salivate over summer fashion, though. I’m already looking forward to getting my flimsy white dresses out, even though I shouldn’t be hopeful that this will happen anytime soon.

Thanks for stopping by! x