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The belatedness of this post may infuriate you, but I have just decided on my favourite dresses from the Oscars 2015. Yes, that feels like centuries ago. Initially I was not overwhelmed by any of the ladies’ outfit choices for the evening to be brutally honest, as I had not come across the jaw-dropping/Oscars-defining dress that I’m usually exposed to. But then I flicked through the gowns again and decided that everyone looked fantastic, and hence it was difficult to pinpoint a dress that has changed the course of my life forever. Instead I picked a few which made me very happy.

Georgina Chapman Marchesa
Georgina Chapman-Marchesa

Few women would be capable of pulling off this gown as effortlessly as Georgina. It’s beautifully adorned and styled with her simple hair and accessories, completely eliminating the possibility that it could be ‘too much’. I particularly love the sheer long sleeves and length of the gown, which make her look like a regal Spanish queen. We can all at least agree that this dress is black and gold.

Jessica Chastain Givenchy
Jessica Chastain – Givenchy

Alas another creation by Givenchy, Jessica appears elegant with a sprinkle of sexy. With jewels by Piaget, the dress accentuates her hourglass figure while the navy blue stunningly contrasts against her TV-commercial-worthy hair. It is almost as though you could remove the the loose shoulder straps and unveil an alluring sequin party dress underneath. For me, this is the symbol of red carpet glamour.

Rosamund Pike Givenchy
Rosamund Pike-Givenchy

So for starters, Rosamund had a baby about three months ago. This was only one of the things which impressed the pants off me, in addition to how she worked that belt and how that belt worked for the dress. She wore Givenchy Haute Couture and not unlike Jessica, flaunted a beautiful hourglass figure and looked better in red than the carpet. (I know that was a lame crack.)

Lupita Nyong'o Custom Calvin Klein
Lupita Nyong’o – Custom Calvin Klein

To be honest, this lady can make a bright purple garbage bag look magnificently unique and chic. I am not so sure if I would love it on anyone else, which is why it had to be included in the top of my list. I swear a star fell from the sky and landed in front of her feet in an effort to commemorate her utter brilliance on the night.

And for the ultimate trend of the evening which leaves absolutely nothing to the dullest imagination…….

Irina Shayk
Irina Shayk- Atelier Versace
Gigi Hadid- Atelier Versace
Rita Ora- Donna Karen Atelier
Rita Ora- Donna Karen Atelier

Although the ‘barely there’ trend can appear as a little ‘cheap’ and maybe distasteful to the naked eye, I congratulate these ladies for having the confidence and ability to pull off such a feat.

Hot bod and a nice booty is recommended, a full brazilian – compulsory.

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