It’s Black, It’s White

The classic monochrome is hard to pass up because it always works and manages to make you look stylish and effortless. This blog is a testament to my love of the two ‘shades’ or whatever people prefer to label them as. I’ve been a huge fan of maxi dresses and skirts and this particular dress was a bargain at $25 from a shop I haven’t entered since my pre teen days. It’s incredible what you may find when you’re not expecting it.

The clutch is Napoleon Perdis- part of a gift pack that included makeup. I didn’t care too much for the makeup, I just wanted the bag.

Dress – Jay Jays
Shoes – Steve Madden
Bag – Napoleon Perdis

It’s been a while…

Wowzers. It really has been a while and the only excuse that I can offer is that I have been super busy doing non-fashion related things (namely being locked up in my study with coffee and trackies while cramming my butt off) which has left me with basically zero time to document anything really. I apologise profusely and regret that I have neglected my blog for this while. But no need to dwell in the past, because presently it is officially winter, and for those who are accustomed to my repetitive rants would be aware of my enthusiasm for the chilly season. And it has by no means disappointed, because already in June the temperatures have fallen drastically close to snow weather and I have spent copious amounts of time wishing I had a whole wardrobe of coats to flaunt in these freezing temperatures. Of course snow is practically unheard of in Melbourne, but if climate change is legitimately transpiring then anything is possible.

Anyway back to my point. Unless you tend not to part with your lovely heater, you would have realised that monochrome, which is a fancy word that refers to the black and white trend, is huge. So colossal in fact that black and white are the only visible colours in select stores- I do not jest. I’m not complaining about this, purely because black and white are relatively flattering on most people and ever classy as an outfit. Personally, I find limiting your outfit’s visual appeal to these two colours (or shades, take your pick) makes it appear a little stiff for casual wear, so I tend to employ some other colour to make it pop.

Below I am wearing my 50’s 3/4 pants which provide that pop effect, and is accompanied by a black trench coat to protect me just in case snow-like substances appear from the sky anytime soon. I am probably crazy to wear clogs in this weather but with  scarf like that, who cares.

Coat- Forever New
Pants- Bardot
Shirt- Minty Meets Munt
Shoes- Sportsgirl
Bag- Marikai
Scarf- Vintage

Summer Nights

As soon as summer in Melbourne is officially over, the days of 30+ degrees decided to breeze along to create an unusually warm start to March, particularly over the long weekend. I spent a night at the beach to enjoy the heat and hazy sunset, which was far better than spending the night in a hot house that lacked ice-cream.

For my outfit, I used a polka-dot scarf as a belt simply because I couldn’t find my white belt, and it actually produced a nice effect. The main component of my outfit is actually the bag-which is (ahem) new- and my entire ensemble was formed around the bag. Why did I leap at this bag as soon as I saw it? Well ladies and gents, if you haven’t received the memo, monochrome is one of this season’s major trends. Yes that’s right, wearing straight out black and white is enough to be considered seriously chic at the moment. So naturally I decided that I had to get me some form of this basic colour combination, and I did not need to look any further than this bag, which was actually very reasonably priced.

Bag: Marikai       Top: Bardot

Skirt:  ?       Scarf: Vintage

Shoes: asos