A True King of Fashion

Melbourne was blessed to have fashion royalty’s Jean Paul Gaultier’s exclusive exhibition for a limited time at our national gallery. The exhibition featured his most fabulous creationa, so of course there were plenty, and they were displayed within their distinct sections. There was a unique vibe and style resonating through every room which presented some of his most critically-acclaimed collections, leaving the exhibition goers with no doubt that this man is a legend.

The man in the (mannequin) flesh. The faces were projections of real models, and moved, spoke and sung! It was brilliant and occasionally creepy.
The corset worn by Madonna during the ‘Blond Ambition Tour’


Native American-chic-princess vibes going on here

The ensembles were absolutely remarkable, and I was astounded by the immense level of creativity which they exhibited. On a less impressive note, I created my own lil’ ensemble for the day with a 90’s skirt and a new season Kookai top.



Just to be clear I was not a victim of a soaking. The photographs were taken at Coles fountain, Parliament Reserve.

Skirt- Vintage

Top- Kookai

Sandals- ASOS

Bag- JAG