Finale of the Races

So, I should have done this blog post a couple weeks ago but exams/sickness got in the way. And even though the races have long gone and people are shifting their sights to the holidays, I’m going to talk about it anyway.

I went to the final day of the Melbourne spring racing carnival wearing an outfit that incorporates something old and something new. This particular day did not require a specific theme a part from being described as ‘family day’, so I decided to go with a navy look. By basing the outfit around my mum’s classic races hat, I found my navy cullottes and Witchery gilet and had practically sorted my outfit. Like my outfit for Derby Day, I attempted to only wear things that I already own, and almost succeeded if it wasn’t for the navy crop top I needed. I count it as a success anyway. The nude court shoes and navy purse (thanks Mum, again!) polished the look.

I went for something appropriate and sophisticated; something that embodies my perfect races style. Needless to say, I felt like I looked a little too mature, as this day is notorious for the younger crowd coming out and flaunting bare legs and stilettos. As I said in my previous post: we are not heading out to the clubs. But I suppose they probably are afterwards, so who am I to judge?


Gilet: Witchery

Pants: the Fifth

Bag: Vintage

Top: Kookai

Shoes: Human Premium

Hat: Vintage

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful week so far! x

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Horsing Around

The period of the Melbourne spring racing carnival has ended, but I wasn’t going to let it go without discussing it. Sorry it’s been a while; I have just been released from the chains of the exam period. I was freed for a short duration of time however to attend Stakes day, because how could I not resist the chance to celebrate the majestic creatures that own the track and to observe the lads and ladies donning their finest to watch from the stands? A fashion blogger cannot surpass this opportunity, I am pleased to report that the fashion is getting better and better.

This year it was clear that tradition has taken a back step in order to pave the way for welcome unconventionality. Pants, culottes and jumpsuits were fabulously displayed by fashion-forward women to show that style and comfort can marry well together, even for a formality like the races. In a more traditional sense, modest skirt lengths were the norm this season, which created an elegant silhouette on every woman who chose to wear it. Essentially, it was clear that every man and woman had exerted at least some effort as the fashion showcased was beautiful.

Crowns, wreathes and bejewelled headbands were the new fascinators this season. Some complimented their outfits perfectly (as exhibited above), while others had a Statue of Liberty feel to it. Generally there were some lovely pieces, but I couldn’t help but feel that they were slightly underwhelming because I prefer the traditional flair of a loud fascinator or an over-sized hat.
My absolute favourite. Jennifer Hawkins looking like a goddess. Those sleeves *dramatic sighs*.
My absolute favourite. Jennifer Hawkins looking like a goddess. Those sleeves *dramatic sighs*.                

As for the boys, blue suits and brown shoes were the winning combination.


I opted for a more traditional races style with a blue dress, white accessories and orange lippy.

The hat unfortunately continued to fly off despite my best efforts, and although I couldn’t help the wind, I was grateful that I brought my red coat with me. Having a warm and stylish coat that can be worn with formal/cocktail wear is one of the best investments. I was so pleased because I didn’t need to purchase anything new, as I just flung together various pieces from my closet. Every piece I was wearing was under $80, so it’s quite achievable to throw a relatively cheap outfit together for the races, as long as the colour scheme is established and the quality of the brand is of no concern!

Dress: Forever New

Bag: Forever New

Shoes: Novo

Hat: Vintage


Belt: Cotton On

Earrings: Mouche

Lipstick: Koko

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Off to the Races

The misguided weather man’s forecast for a cold and rainy Saturday proved to be incorrect as today the sun was shining and I didn’t even require a jacket. It turned out to be a beautiful day for the races, and there was plenty of beautiful fashion on display at every corner.

Just about every colour was paraded around, with the neons and brights among the most popular. There were so many lovely outfits everywhere that I repeatedly wanted to stop people and ask to take photos of them.  Also witnessed a few fashion faux pas’ that I was tempted to capture by camera (see through dresses+brightly coloured underwear, dress and vans, over excessive use of fake tan..). All in a day at the races!

My Friend Emma and I
Emma looking lovely in a classic racers outfit highlighted by some neon

Dress: Jess & I          Shoes: Guess          Hat: Forever New         Bag: Fiorelli         Belt: Cotton On       Necklace: ?         Sunglasses: ASOS